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It Looks Like the CTCL and Zuckerberg Broke Election Laws

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Important News: It’s Possible that Zuckerberg Broke Election Laws

The oligarchy does what it can to protect its own. When the Reddit crowd fought the hedge funds by buying GameStop stock and causing a short squeeze, the clearinghouses and trading apps worked together to prevent them from doing so, saving the greedy hedge funds that had positioned themselves irresponsibly. When Covid started, the crony capitalists and corporatists that run America’s Big Businesses called in favors and got themselves exemptions; Walmart stayed open while small businesses were crushed by lockdowns and restrictions. And when it looked like President Trump could defeat the oligarchs and win yet again, the oligarchy did what it always does; it protected its own and made a Trump victory impossible.

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Perhaps what they did was mostly legal, perhaps it wasn’t. In most cases, it’s hard to tell. But what’s not hard to tell is that it looks like Mark Zuckerberg broke election laws with his multi-million dollar bribes donations to the vote counters that made election resources unequally available to all voters.

Luckily, the fact that Zuckerberg broke election laws won’t remain in the dark forever. In a recent article, Breitbart writer Ken Blackwell shed light on the crucially important story. Here are the details of the donations:

“Zuckerberg donated $400 million — as much money as Congress appropriated for the same general purpose — to nonprofit organizations founded and run by left-wing activists. The primary recipient was the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), which received the staggering sum of $350 million…

Predictably, given the partisan background of its leading officers, CTCL proceeded to distribute Zuckerberg’s funds to left-leaning counties in battleground states. The vast majority of the money handed out by CTCL — especially in the early days of its largesse — went to counties that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Some of the biggest recipients, in fact, were the very locales Plouffe had identified as the linchpins of the Democrat strategy in 2020.

Zuckerberg and CTCL left nothing to chance, however, writing detailed conditions into their grants that dictated exactly how elections were to be conducted, down to the number of ballot drop boxes and polling places. The Constitution gives state lawmakers sole authority for managing elections, but these grants put private interests firmly in control.”

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Now, if you’re a reasonable person, you’re probably wondering how he was able to do that. Is it really legal to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to leftist vote-counting organizations while attaching conditions about how the elections have to be managed to the bribes donations? Is that not bribery and attempting to influence the vote-counting?

Well, your intuition is probably right. The donations were highly irregular and probably illegal. Here’s what the Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project said about the idea that Zuckerberg broke election laws with his CTCL donations:

“This privatization of elections undermines the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which requires state election plans to be submitted to federal officials and approved and requires respect for equal protection by making all resources available equally to all voters.

The illegitimate infusion of private funding and third-party promotion of training, equipment, security, staffing, and reporting programs by a network of private nonprofits at the local level bypassed state administrative processes, violated legislative prerogatives codified in state Help America Vote Plans (HAVA), and resulted in questions about the integrity of the U.S. electoral system.”

To be clear, that means that what Zuckerberg and his Center for Tech and Civil Life organization did was highly illegal. Under HAVA, election resources are supposed to be equally available to all voters. Thanks to the CTCL, they weren’t. As Blackwell reports:

“In Wisconsin, Democrat Secretary of State Doug La Follette allowed voters to claim “indefinite confinement” in order to avoid having to provide a photocopy of their ID when requesting an absentee ballot. The exemption was intended for legitimate invalids, but COVID offered a convenient excuse for circumventing the law, despite the fact that Wisconsin had no pandemic-related lockdown rules that would have rendered anyone “indefinitely confined.” The impact was far-reaching. About 240,000 voters claimed the exemption in 2020, compared to just 70,000 in 2016.

In Michigan, Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson unilaterally voided the legal requirement that voters provide a signature when requesting an absentee ballot, establishing an online request form. She then took things a step further by announcing that she would “allow civic groups and other organizations running voter registration drives to register voters through the state’s online registration website,” granting partisan groups such as Rock The Vote direct access to Michigan’s voter rolls.

In Pennsylvania, election officials in heavily-Democratic counties that received CTCL funding allowed flawed mail-in ballots to be “cured” — that is, altered or replaced — prior to Election Day. In other counties, officials rightly interpreted this as a flagrant violation of state law. On the night before Election Day, less than 24 hours before polls were due to close, Democrat Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar sought to imbue this illegal practice with the appearance of validity by issuing a statement authorizing counties to contact voters who had cast improper ballots. Even if Boockvar had the statutory authority to do this, which she did not, the timing of her memo made it impossible for rural counties to take advantage of it to nearly the same extent as urban counties.”

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Read those details about the election-day corruption in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania closely. Take a long look at what the CTCL did. Does it sound like the election resources it provided were equally available to all Americans? Or does it sound like the CTCL broke the HAVA? To me, it looks like the CTCL and Zuckerberg broke election laws. Zuck funded and directed an organization that corrupted the vote-counting efforts.

Our election laws are supposed to protect elections and ensure that every American, regardless of his or her political affiliation, is able to vote and have their vote counted. It shouldn’t matter if a leftist oligarch wants the vote to be counted one way or only let people in leftist-occupied areas vote.

But the oligarchy wanted to usher in its preferred candidate, Joe Biden. So, in a brazen and stunning display of corruption, they stole the election. Whatever the ignoramuses talking heads say on their morning news programs, the election was fraudulent, in part because of Zuck and the operations of the CTCL.

Zuckerberg broke election laws, namely the Help America Vote Act. He must be held accountable for his criminal actions.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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  1. Gone to rich communist. he knows biddy is dam dumb to go all out and nationalize his billions. and put him on wages. he knew Trump sooner or later would take action the left winged pissant. the more money the more left winged this assholes. go,. enforce the anti trust laws onthem and jail him and biddy

  2. Yes but they are leftists and that makes it legal. The disgraced system will do nothing about it voluntarily. Only the people could stop the steal by massively protesting legally lawfully and often. Organize now.

  3. Add this to the huge mountain of felonies the Left has gotten away with. Better yet, make a list of important Leftists who would improve the world by being removed from it. When cops become too busy enforcing Leftist dogma to investigate murders–start improving the world!

  4. The court systems are totally corrupted. There is not a chance that anything will come of these revelations without an overwhelming response from the Constitutional Patriots, which are a majority. A juggernaut that will not capitulate to the democrat/marxist/fascist/deep state/globalists. The 1st and 2nd amendments to the Constitution are under fire from the anti-American DNC. Make a commitment and prepare.

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