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YUGE: Elon Just Hit Another Major Major Milestone, Celebrates in Strange, Uncharacteristic Fashion

Elon Musk just did what only six people have done before: he passed 100 million followers on Twitter, far more than any of his enemies and opponents.

Surprisingly, the massive boost in followers to a whopping 100 million comes after a surprising quiet spell from Elon. His last original tweet was this post about gas prices at 7-Eleven:

As a side note, one person, commenting on that, said:

“Today you’re paying $2 per gallon of gasoline… If Biden got in, you’ll be paying $7, $8, $9 per gallon, and then he’ll tell you to get rid of your car.” Remember who said this in 2020 and accurately predicted what’s happening now?

Regardless, Elon hasn’t posted any original tweets since then and his last comment was also on June 21st, when he said, in a comment on an article about SpaceX and broadband:

Their attempt to bait and switch satellite spectrum for cellular spectrum is super shady and unethical.

If they are successful, it would hurt the least served and completely unserved of the world. Very messed up.

Commenting on Musk passing the major milestone, one that is a clear indication of his influence, popularity, and the fact that people listen to what he has to say, Teslarati said:

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Musk is arguably the most organic user among the six Twitter accounts that have gained more than 100 million followers. Former President Barack Obama, who has 132.1 million followers, tends to post restrained and formal tweets from time to time. Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s accounts seem filtered by a PR team, and Justin Bieber’s account has been inactive for several months.

Musk, on the other hand, has admitted that he uses Twitter as a means to express himself. Musk uses the platform to announce updates on his company’s projects, from Tesla to SpaceX to The Boring Company and Neuralink. He uses it to interact — and at times feud — with other users on the platform. He is also an unabashed poster of memes, uploading what he finds hilarious and compelling as he sees fit.

Axios also commented on Elon’s milestone, though it focused more on the odd fact that Elon hasn’t tweeted much since he passed the milestone, saying:

Elon Musk celebrated his 100 millionth Twitter follower in uncharacteristic fashion: By not tweeting at all. In fact, he hasn’t tweeted in over a week.

Why it matters: Of the elite group of celebrities with over 10 million followers, Musk is the only prolific tweeter. But that has changed of late.

By the numbers: Over the five weeks leading up to June 16, Musk averaged 145 tweets and retweets per week, or about 21 per day. That was the day an open letter appeared signed by SpaceX employees, characterizing Musk’s tweets as “a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment

But Elon’s known for his tweeting and, as Twitterati noted, uses it to express himself, so he’ll probably be back soon. Hopefully he updates the gas price one with the even higher prices we face right now.

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1 thought on “YUGE: Elon Just Hit Another Major Major Milestone, Celebrates in Strange, Uncharacteristic Fashion”

  1. Elon’s been BUSY, okay? SpaceX has done 27 launches in 26 weeks, is trying to get Starship into orbit, he’s keeping Tesla going, and you’re worried he hasn’t had any grist for the Tweeter mill lately? Please.

    He does more before lunch than any five people do in a week. I hope he hasn’t overextended himself with acquiring Twitter…

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