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Powerful Weapons to Win Back Our Freedom: Your Shopping Dollars!

By Guest Writer Matthew A. Newgent
August 25, 2021

West Pointers Jason Mrochek, Matthew Newgent, and Glen Whitner created the free-speech alternative to Amazon,, to fight and win against the forces which have been fueling the tyranny and corruption in America. These forces are what we call the “three-headed beast” of mainstream media, big tech, and big business.

The mission of Conservative Economy is to economically mobilize the 75 million freedom-loving patriots who voted for President Trump to spend their time, attention, and dollars at Conservative Economy and other freedom-loving businesses. If you ask these 75 million Americans, “Where would you rather spend your time, attention, and dollars, at Amazon, or at a liberty-minded company that shares your values, like Conservative Economy?” nearly every time, they will answer, “Conservative Economy.”

Our goal is to build a massive conservative economy community and undermine those businesses that have been destroying America, so we can have the resources and influence to help save America. We will be able to support courageous conservative political leaders to enact conservative laws, such as restoring patriotic education and providing parents with school choice for their children. We will bring America back to its founding principles and Judeo-Christian values.

Imagine this: from a military perspective, we deny the enemies of freedom the financial resources they’ve been using–to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars–to empower the people and organizations who have been destroying American and taking away our freedom. Simultaneously, we build the premier free-speech alternative to Amazon and create a long-term financial resource to support courageous conservative politicians, organizations, and legislation. When we do it right, we can be a significant financial engine to right the ship of America.

Understand this: failure is not an option. But we need help getting the word out in this fight. Will you help us get the word out about Conservative Economy?

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us in this fight. Money is a critical weapon in the war being waged against our freedom, and we—unknowingly—have been empowering those who are now destroying our country. Redirect those resources in the good fight. Shop and grow with us at

God bless you, and God bless America! At Conservative Economy,
We Empower Liberty!