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There are Many Young Conservatives. They’re a Powerful Force


Leftists like to pretend that young conservatives, especially college conservatives, don’t exist. They say that the future is going to be one of continued leftist control as young Americans, especially Gen Z kids and millennials, start to vote in large numbers for far-left candidates like AOC and Bernie Sanders.

Those talking heads in the fake news media are (predictably) wrong. Sure, many millennials are crazy leftists and it astounds me that they’re not all starving or perpetually interned in a safe space. But Gen Z, my generation, is different. Gen Z Conservatives are legion, and they’re starting to shift the conversation away from far-left, radical ideas and back towards small government conservatism. That shift means that the future is not inexorably leftist; in fact, young conservatives might make it even more conservative!

One author, at least, recognizes that fact. In a recent Washington Times article entitled “Democrats know their time grows short,” Cheryl Chumley discusses why the number of young conservatives that are growing up and starting to vote, especially for inspiring representatives like President Donald Trump, means that the days of Democrat majorities might soon be over. Young conservatives will change America’s political scene.

Summary of The Effect Young Conservatives will Have on American Politics

First, Chumley discusses why the left has been acting so crazy recently. Here’s a hint, it is not because they really care about Covid or racial injustice, but rather because they want to cause chaos in a desperate last attempt to get Biden elected. They can’t convince young Americans of the efficacy of their ideas, so they’re having to resort to the underhanding tactic of seeding chaos and terror and frightening young conservatives away from politics.

Next, Chumley discusses the real reason that Democrats seem to be pulling out all the stops right now (here’s another hint, it’s because of young conservatives and the fear Democrats have of those young conservatives and the force they will be in politics). Millenials might be super liberal, but Gen Z isn’t. A generation of young conservatives is coming up.

Finally, Chumley notes what that generational shift means for Democrats in November; they’ve been trying to break everything from the economy to the Constitution so they can fill the future with progressives. It won’t work because they’re having to show their rapid side.

My Take on the Number of and Importance of Young Conservatives

Like Chumley, I think that young conservatives will have a profound impact on American politics and help make sure that President Trump is re-elected in November.

For too long, cowardly and uninspiring Republicans have been content to believe that, as Churchill (supposedly) said (but probably did not actually say), “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.”

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Regardless of whether Churchill actually said that or not, there’s no reason that it has to be true. Young Americans have jobs, have to deal with crazy virtue signaling leftists on college campuses, and listen to moral preening from SJWs, so they understand the issues at play and know why lower taxes and conservative viewpoints on social issues are appealing. All it would take to capture those votes is a inspired and honest conservative politician asking for their votes.

there are many young conservatives like this one

Unfortunately, few have. Establishment Republicans like Lindsey Graham are cowards that don’t want to fight the culture war over the fate of America’s soul, so they don’t really appeal to the college conservatives and Gen Z conservatives that are fighting those culture war battles in the high-school and college classroom every single day.

However, President Trump has recognized the importance of young conservatives in solidifying Republican control of the national government and has done his best to appeal to them. I think he will succeed. But more Republicans need to follow his lead and start fighting the culture war battles against socialism, cancel culture, and far-left ridiculousness that young conservatives want them to fight.


Establishment Republicans need to do more to support young conservatives. Right now, the only people really speaking up for conservatives on college campuses are pundits like Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro. Those men do a great job, but they’re not politicians. Their only power is over society’s perception of conservative ideas, not actual policy.

Spreading the gospel of conservative opinion is important, and Charlie and Ben are doing a great job of spreading it. But we also need policymakers to start helping out young conservatives. When Republicans have control of the House and Senate again, as they will after the 2022 election, they need to start crafting legislation that protects freedom of speech on college campuses.

That legislation should punish professors that stifle conservative thought, punish universities that don’t treat diversity of thought the same way as they treat other areas of diversity, and provide protections and legal funds for students that are physically attacked for their political beliefs.

Without that support, the many young conservatives that currently exist will start to drift away. They’ll be beaten down and battered by their liberal peers and professors and have no one to turn to because of the remarkable lack of diversity of thought on college campuses. It’s time for conservative politicians to understand the immense political power that could come with a generation of young conservatives and do what is necessary to create that generation.

By: Gen Z Conservative