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Young Conservatives do Exist and Support Limited Government

My Take on the Idea that Young Conservatives Do Exist and Support Limited Government

The image above and the information that it contains proves that young conservatives do exist, so it is an important one for Americans of all generations to see and keep in mind.

The idea that keeps liberals pushing ever forward with their ridiculous ideas for Democratic Socialism, the Green New Deal, “free college,” or Medicare for All is that young conservatives don’t exist. You see, the left thinks that the future belongs to them because up and coming generations of Americans are ever-more liberal and will support their Big Government, anti-Christian morality agenda.

Perhaps they’re right about social issues; many young Americans aren’t as religious as other generations and they aren’t as worried about other social issues, such as drugs or gay marriage. So you could say that young Americans are socially liberal and be more or less correct.

But I don’t think that really sums up what my generation thinks about politics. While we might be more apathetic about what people do with their free time than our parents or grandparents, that doesn’t mean we think the government should get larger and spend more of our money. Young conservatives exist, as the graphic at the top of the article implies, because we believe in limited government. That’s why we’re up for getting rid of Social Security and other welfare schemes, whereas other generations aren’t.

The ridiculous leftist ideas I mentioned earlier are diametrically opposed to that fact. Just because we don’t particularly care about gay marriage doesn’t mean that we think that government should grow exponentially larger and destroy the energy industry to save some wetland bird or toad, or start monitoring speech to enforce political correctness.

Instead, we just want to be left alone by the government. Let us keep our money and let people do what they want.

Maybe that’s more “libertarian” than conservative, but I think that supporting the libertarian agenda might be the future of conservatism. I’m a Christian, so I’m as against church-sanctified gay marriage, drug use, and other forms of degeneracy as the next conservative. But those aren’t areas that the government need to be involved in; they’re personal issues that the government is not meant to interfere in and it is a fact that young conservatives do exist and recognize that fact.

For too long, many conservatives have simultaneously insisted that government should remain small while also enforcing morality-based laws. But those ideas are contradictory, and thus not too enticing to young conservatives.

We want limited government, not a government that invades our privacy to enforce someone else’s view of morality upon us. If the Republican Party wants to gain the support of the many young conservatives out there, it needs to return to its roots of limited government and start prioritizing reducing the size of the state.

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Luckily, Donald Trump recognizes that young conservatives do exist and want limited government, so he is doing his best to limit the growth of the government. He has slashed regulations, helped defend free speech, and fought back against the regulatory agencies that limit our freedom more and more every day. That is, I think, why you see such an outpouring of support for him from young conservatives.

young conservative
Young conservatives do exist and are very enthusiastic about conservatism

So, now if someone asks you “are there young conservatives?” or “how many young conservatives are there?,” you know how to respond. There are many of us; 54% of Gen Z supports limited government. That represents the potential for millions of new conservative voters.

Republicans do have a chance of remaining in power after all, mainly because young conservatives do exist. The future is on the side of Republicans as long as they return to the idea of small government! That will require a realignment of the Republican Party’s priorities. Too many RINOs care far more about government-mandated morality than they should. Those issues are best left to individuals, churches, and other private institutions to sort out, not the government. If the Republican Party wants the votes of those millions of young conservatives, its policy objectives need to start reflecting that fact.

By: Gen Z Conservative.