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Conservatives Should be Going Galt Part 2

Going Galt: A Necessity, Not an Option

Note: This article is a follow up to yesterday’s article on the need for conservatives to go Galt. You can read it here

As I said yesterday, Going Galt is really the only choice we have. Although at this point, the Going Galt prescription for curing the ills of this country is like prescribing an aspirin for a case of brain cancer. The illness metastasizing in this country has proceeded practically unhindered for decades. Left-leaning college professors teaching in the 1940’s and 50’s presented Marx/ Leninism as a viable (but not now) political theory. That banding together, dropping out of society, and dreaming about Utopia and how to attain it was a higher calling than learning the Law or Corporate stewardship.

Then in the 1960s the Vietnam war accelerated the anti-America rhetoric and Colleges and Universities were at the forefront of this movement. Here Communism came out of the closet and invaded the culture in a large way. Promising a return to paradise in a world that eschewed upward mobility and ‘corporate greed’ while whining that they weren’t given all the things corporate society had to give, food shelter, cheap electricity.

There were a few communes that tried living off the grid ala Waldon’s Pond but it never amounted to much because living outside of the ‘fertile field that society has created’ is difficult and only rewarding to a hearty few.

For the most part, we got the communists that wanted to take what we made and redistribute it as they saw fit. Their movement, with its sit-ins and protests, dovetailed with the civil rights movement and cast America as an evil racist place with the egalitarian Communists as the natural inheritor of the ‘best political system’ title, but something also was afoot that was more nefarious.

Our News media and the presenters of our news, the Newscasters, became themselves political. Names we had been bred to trust, Walter Cronkite, Douglas Edwards, Chet Huntley, and David Brinkley started reporting the news with an overtly leftist point of view. The news industry had always been liberal owing to their role of keeping the government from usurping too much power away from the people but now they had become opinion shapers. Presenting, or failing to present, facts to fit the narrative that was deemed to be in ‘we the peoples’ best interest. Moving from the Fourth Estate to the Fifth column.

These trends have been accelerating exponentially lately with the liberal students of the last generation turning into the liberal professors of this generation trying to ‘out progressive’ their teachers. Putting out teachers and students and lawyers and bankers all with the disease of having to indoctrinate the next generation to be more ‘woke’ and glad to be told what their government requires for them to be ‘Good woke citizens’ or what I like to call ‘Wokies’.

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Well of course, the Freedom and Capitalism of America was in their way because it isn’t easy to steal from a free man. So, before these higher ideals could bring paradise to the ‘Workers of the World’ and fulfill peoples rightful place in the hierarchy of society, equality for all must be achieved. Karl Marx proposed “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” in 1875 as part of his manifesto. Which means if, according to ‘the government’, you have too much stuff, ‘the government’ gets to take it and re-distribute it to those who don’t have as much and that those taking from others get to frame their victims as the “greedy” ones. Not taking into account, of course, the reasons that either party are in their present situation.

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Say there are to men, John and Jim, living next door to each other. John went farther in school, got a decent job went to work and saved his money. He added to this by owning a modest home when he could afford more, drove a fuel efficient sedan and only went out to dinner two nights a week.

Jim, on the other hand, quit school to take a job working with his hands, took out a loan to buy the best house the bank would allow, spent every dime that wasn’t required to pay for his lifestyle and took out payday loans to cover the shortfall.

When hard times come in the economy, John has a cushion to get through the crises, and because he had a job that was more recession proof, John did ok. Jim on the other hand, struggled to find work, couldn’t pay his bills and lost his house. This would be a tragedy for Jim except  The “government” stepped in to save Jim’s house, using “bailout money” because there are a lot of folks like Jim in the country and if they all lost their houses it would be bad for the people who created the problem in the first place, by making it easy to get house loans that they couldn’t afford, namely the government and the banks. The action taken by the “government” was unfair in that it took from the successful man to give to the unsuccessful man. Man #1 now has less to make his life better or invest or save for a rainy day and man #2 two is still unsuccessful but he got more stuff because the government stole on his behalf.

That is the lie of ‘equity.’ The two men didn’t put the same amount into the equation and even if they had, Man 2 might have health problems, might be a smoker or a heavy drinker, might be diabetic, might be a drug addict or even just a layabout who knows how to get the “government” to pay for his lifestyle. There are innumerable variables that can be put into the equation and to have the Government trying to make it even is a fool’s job, but here we are.

Now in American society we have the, let’s call them the ‘Educator class’, men and women who spend their lives in academia, in an echo chamber of those who read Thoreau and promote Marx but have never lived outside of their protected class in America. Somehow these highly educated, ‘Educators’ cannot seem to see that these, revolutionary ideas that they indoctrinate impressionable minds with have been tried.

It really is not revolutionary to promote top-down rule. Emperors, Kings, and dictators have done since society first began along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. They have been implemented over and have cause 10s of millions of deaths and deprivation on a national scale. Communism is the same as a dictatorship, except instead of one strongman, ala Hitler or Mussolini you have a politburo with a Supreme Soviet in the mold of Stalin or Ji Jinping. And these types of government turn into one-man rule over a group of men who don’t want to meet an unfortunate accident. 

From Lenin and Stalin, the 5 year plans were disasters that caused crop failures and food shortages killing millions, Mao had his ‘great leap forward’ same results, The Kim family in North Korea have kept their half of the country in communistic poverty while just below the DMZ in South Korea, is a thriving modern city,  where people from all strata of life have opportunity.

The only truly new idea in governing came in North America in 1776.

Against this backdrop Donald Trump entered the political picture. He was a totally unknown quantity to most people, a NY businessman (I assumed he ‘plays well with Lefties’) who was friends with all the Democrat power brokers from Queens to Ft. Lauderdale and was known to hang out with Bill and Hillary. Trump could just have as easily been the Trojan Horse to the Greeks’ Hillary Clinton.

Meaning I thought Trump was a shill to bleed votes away from my preferred conservative, Cruz. If you remember, Hillary was already anointed as the next emperor, our Queen in waiting, the Globalist choice to usher the US into our place in the world community somewhere between Haiti and Siberia on the freedom scale. The Fattened pig to be put on the spit for the rest of the world to carve up into their equalness. The Globalists hold a jealousy so deep it will have to be a subject for another time. But we rubbed their noses in our individualist, freedom-centric creed for more than 200 years. Instead of embracing the success of our vision, they schemed and plotted and waited to try and reclaim our freedom in the name of their master vs peasant mentality.

But going Galt in this maelstrom of woke culture and the reemergence of China’s proposed world domination provides a near-vertical uphill challenge. There is no mountain pass to escape to, no invisible sanctuary for our thoughts to be realized in besides the peaks and or valley we create in our own world. And it can’t be invisible, either figuratively or literally. We have to stick our heads above the trenches, let our presence be known and make our voices heard. If we don’t fight and just allow freedom to be destroyed, which is the alternative, our children, assuming we are allowed to have children will not forgive us.

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We have to live within the boundaries of this arena, play on their ballfield but by a slightly different set of rules. The left holds most of the reins of power and are trying furiously to enact new rules to hold on to that power forever.

I have been trying to practice the living within and without the system, solo, for years ( I don’t know how long exactly but since before Trump) and I will admit that it is difficult. As it turns out, two of the biggest offenders of ‘anti-American politics’ and Capitalism are two of its biggest beneficiaries, and two of modern societies biggest work savers and distractions.

Amazon and Social media (media in general, but MSM is just PRAVDA at this point, though I do see hope.) have such an enormous sway over America society, and not just American but Global society.

I have long marveled at Amazon’s business model and the efficiencies they are able to achieve. More than once I have remarked that they must employ psychics because my order seems to appear before I hit the send button. Now China has stolen the idea, added totalitarian paradigms and is exporting their model, with gov’t backing, which is their business model to the world.

This means that they aren’t beholden to a profit motive so the CCP will play nice with the world until they perceive that they no longer need to and then will use force to remake everything, shopping, living conditions, energy consumption, dietary allowances, everything in the totalitarian model( look up Agenda21/2030) which is the State over individuals.

And they won’t have far to go because they have already used their lackeys in our government and our news media to convince us that by destroying our economy we will save the planet and all the while China will be allowed to grow using any means available. It is my sincere hope that the complicit in our country and around the world will wake up and realize that the Chinese don’t want a bunch of spoiled citizens who are looking for cheap Chinese stuff and these needy ex-Capitalists will just be an anchor to their plans. They have more than enough people of their own to exploit.

Social media has been a big part of this transformation by allowing points of view that shine Globalism in a positive light and denying points of view that see American freedom and exceptionalism as good, going as far as banning  President Trump for his Pro American Point of View. Corporatists, Google, NFL, NBA (to name a very few) have knelt down for BLM (an admittedly Marxist organization ) to gain access to their enormous markets in order to grow their organizations and sell sneakers.

At this point ‘the Woke’ with the complicity of media giants Facebook, Twitter, Google, control almost all of our social interactions and that is up from the height of the pandemic when they forced society into ‘interaction through computing’.

For my part I buy books at local book stores when possible, or lacking that, Barnes and Nobel although I really haven’t had time to check out their provenance as far as politics. I support conservative candidates (when I am sure of their politics) but I have been fooled by quite a few (Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Amanda Chase are the real Deal). I support conservative news organizations, Just The News, Daily Wire, OANN, and of course my favorite But we have to go further, we have to write letters to the editor of any and every publication that can influence voters or politicians.

I can’t stress enough that we have to do the hard work, make phone calls, write letters, emails, to your local politicians. Do the things the Democrats did to steal the election from a man who had engineered the best economy in my lifetime, get involved with your local Republican party, go door to door,  make some phone calls.

My Governor is Ralph Northam who, on television, said that in considering whether or not to terminate the life of a fetus they would allow it to be born and consult with the parents and a number of doctors before deciding whether to terminate, and I still call his office to promote conservative legislation or bash especially egregious proposals. I do consider it tilting at windmills but these phone calls are registered and counted and their office gets enough phone calls from conservatives they can’t ignore them. Well possibly Northam can, he is the one who couldn’t remember if he went to this party in blackface or in Klan robes

One of these is Ralph, he admits that. but can’t remember which one, that is a whole lot of getting drunk Willis.

There are so many things that can be done, learn the conservative platform, inform yourself on your local politics and write letters to politicians, great and small, you never know who will hear your voice. Learn about your politics and get involved, run for office or learn the political lingo so you don’t have to back down in conversations at the coffee shop. I want to put together a database of conservative friends who want to opt-in will be included in phone call and letter writing campaigns. I’ve never done anything like that and I am not particularly computer savvy so if anyone can help in this project

A Hat Tip to GenZ for penning the original article. Let’s start going Galt, but in the right way.

By: David Gignac

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