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You Might be a Liberal if…

Why You might be a liberal if…you believe in gun control but don’t trust the police

Many conservatives don’t trust the police, as is the point of this you might be a liberal if…meme. That is absolutely true. And for good reason, some bad actors in police departments around the nation are addicted to power. Rather than focusing on “to serve and protect,” they only want to enforce and humiliate.

While they certainly don’t represent the majority of police officers, who are great people and want to serve their communities, they do exist and their existence needs to be recognized. You might be a liberal if… instead of getting ready to defend yourself from potential tyrants, you give those tyrants exactly what they need to rule over you with an iron fist.

Before going any further, I should note that I do respect many of the police. They often deal with the worst elements of society so that we don’t have to. We should be very grateful for that; I know I am. They’re the ones who deal with the scumbags described in Narconomics.

But, some police are not the good people that we want to be in police departments. Like some politicians (or really people in any position of power), they love only power. For that reason, we conservatives own guns. They protect us from tyranny (and are a blast to shoot).

You might be a liberal if… you don’t get this

Liberals, on the other hand, are stuck in a paradox from which I see no reasonable escape. Many of them also don’t like the police. Yet they also support gun control. To me, that makes no sense. Who would not trust the government, but also want the government to have a monopoly on firearms?

Tyrants of past socialist regimes have used gun control to kill millions of defenseless citizens. Who in their right mind would want to be disarmed in the face of a police force and government they don’t trust? That seems absurd, if not idiotic. So, you might be a liberal if… you think like that.

Surely, no one reasonable or thoughtful would think that. But, many people do. You might be a liberal if… you dislike the agents of the government, but want those same people to be the only ones who are armed. Conservatives don’t think like that, that’s why protesters in Virginia went to Richmond to rally for their rights.

Gun control is often an area where we see ridiculous freak outs. People seem to be unable to handle the concept of a civilian owning firearms. Based on their hatred of the police, you would think they would be heavily armed. But no, they aren’t. Like many issues in which group-think and emotion play a big role, gun control makes no sense.

But, of course, liberals will never understand that. They don’t get that we should defend liberty or why we should defend liberty. Instead, they’re governed by emotion and respond to mass shootings, or gun related violence, or any other tragedy with their emotions, not with logic and pro-liberty sentiment. Conservatives are the opposite. We believe in liberty and the American Constitution, not whatever our emotions tell us to do.

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