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YIKES: National Anthem-Protesting Basketball Player, Agent Reduced to BEGGING for America’s Help to Escape Russian Drug Charges

Another day, another act in the hilarious drama that is America-hating athlete Brittney Griner’s attempts to get out of serving time in Russia for smuggling hashish oil in with her.

Now her efforts to get out of having to spend up to ten years rotting in a Russian prison have been stepped up to the next level, with her agent, , imploring President Biden for help on Twitter and describing the drug-smuggling Griner as a “political pawn”, saying:

Today’s hearing was administrative in nature and not on the merits. That said, the fact remains that the U.S. Government has determined that Brittney Griner is wrongfully detained and being used as a political pawn. [1/2]

The negotiation for her immediate release regardless of the legal proceedings should remain a top priority and we expect @POTUS and @VP to do everything in their power, right now, to get a deal done to bring her home. [2/2]

Commenting on that post, one account made the obvious note that America and Americans probably shouldn’t be all that worried with an America-hating athlete being locked up abroad, as she’s professed her disdain for her homeland in her past and thus doesn’t really deserve its help or exertions. Making that point, the account said:

Look I don’t know why everyone is crying over this let’s remember that she doesn’t like America she kneeled down on America so don’t cry for her she’s getting what she deserved maybe if she makes it back to the US in 20 years maybe she’ll kiss the feet of the next president

As a reminder, Griner, during the 2020 WNBA season, declared that she didn’t think the National Anthem had a place in WNBA games, saying I honestly feel we should not play the national anthem during our season. I think we should take that much of a stand.”

Adding why she doesn’t like the anthem, Griner saidI personally don’t think it belongs in sports. … Black people didn’t have rights at that point.”

During that same season she pledged to not come out on the court for the anthem, saying:

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“I’m going to protest regardless. I’m not going to be out there for the national anthem. If the league continues to want to play it, that’s fine. It will be all season long, I’ll not be out there. I feel like more are going to probably do the same thing. I can only speak for myself.”

And now, after she’s spent so much time expressing her disdain for America, she and her agent are begging for her help in prying her out of the grip of the Russian Federation, which seems intent on prosecuting the drug crime it caught her committing.

Griner’s trial is set for July 1st, with a court ordering that she be locked up for the duration of the trial. She faces up to 10 years in prison for the drug offense, with Russia so far showing little indication that it will back down and release her rather than just locking her up.

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16 thoughts on “YIKES: National Anthem-Protesting Basketball Player, Agent Reduced to BEGGING for America’s Help to Escape Russian Drug Charges”

    1. Another spoiled brat that hates America and thinks they can do what they want. No respect for our country LEAVE her there.

  1. I really feel sorry for her that she hates the country that has been so good to her, yes the US has done some past things that were really bad, but she has never been through them, she might feel a little different if she spends some quality time in a Russian prison. It might be good for her.

  2. If she can not respect the country that so many have died for .and being a veteran. Let her stay there. She did this to herself. She put getting high over her own safety.

  3. She did the crime, now do the time! Maybe she’ll appreciate this great country when she gets out. Just another spoiled athlete. 😂👍

  4. She was carrying a drug that is illegal in the US as well as Russia. Let her read and understand the laws of the country she is visiting. Just because the authorities in rhe US cut her slack because she is an athlete and black does not mean Russia will. Do the crime do the time.

  5. Wait… She’s a basketball player and therefore “privileged “ so we should drop everything and help her. But too bad she hates us.

  6. Funny how the article NEVER MENTIONS that Biden is at war with Russia, so there’s that!

  7. I agree that in 10 years she might feel a little different about the USA than she does now.
    It’s obvious she forgot that most countries overseas are not as liberal as the USA on drugs….

  8. Poor Brittney Grimes. She has a new home and should learn to Love it in Russia. You know the law and you are no different. Going to have everyone cry to the President. You are no different then anyone else . Laws are laws and you brought in drugs to another Country. Now you must pay. In ten years you will be drug free for life hopefully.

  9. She sure made it clear how she was against our Country’s playing the National Anthem with pride and wouldn’t be present for it so now she won’t have to worry about that. Such disrespect and now she expects help from the people to help her! Actions have consequences–sometimes bad‼️

  10. Let her stay, she had no respect for our country, so now she can see what the lost of freedom is all about. Maybe, just maybe she’ll grow some common sense while she’s in their prison and realize how great America really is.

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