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Yikes: Mel Gibson’s Handler Shuts Interview Down Jesse Watters Asks Question That Makes Mel ‘Lose It’

Mel Gibson is an actor that stands apart from the pack: whereas many of his colleagues are far-left atheists, he’s managed to not only maintain his faith despite being an actor but even make others stronger in their faith, as was the case with “The Passion,” his epic tale of Christ’s death.

Well, he had quite the interview with Fox News Channel host Jesse Watters recently, as Kyle Becker reported at Trending Politics, saying:

“I was wondering if you had been the one that jumped up out of his seat and slapped Chris Rock,” Watters said toward the end of the interview, “if you would’ve been treated the same way, Mel.”

Gibson then ‘lost it’ and started laughing hysterically. Then a disembodied voice from off-camera spoke up to abruptly close the interview.

“Hello, Jessie?” she said. “Thank you. That’s our time.”

“Have you ever thought about that?” Watters pressed.

“Umm… thank you, Jessie,” said the female voice. “That is our time.”

“Well, Mel, thank you very much for joining Jesse Watters Primetime. We really appreciate it,” he closed.

Watch the bizarre episode here:

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While that part of the interview was odd, Gibson’s point was well-taken: obviously he would not have been treated the same had he gotten up and assaulted another actor. He’s not black or a liberal, so the rules apply to him.

Further, though that part of the interview was odd, the rest of it was a good bit better. Gibson, appearing on the program to promote his new film, one with a Christian message, did so, as the Washington Examiner reported, saying:

Gibson, who is no stranger to controversy, was promoting his newest film, Father Stu, which is based on the true story of Stuart Long, a boxer who became a Catholic priest. Mark Wahlberg is starring in the titular role.

“Everyone’s got a boulder, man,” Gibson said in addressing one of the themes of the movie. “Something’s going to come and knock you down at some point in your life. Now. Later. And how do you stand up from that, you know? How do you not only stand up, but how do you find a purpose in that? There’s a purpose for all of this. So it’s looking for that purpose.”

He also said another takeaway is “it’s never too late to fix stuff.”

Additionally, even if odd at the end, the interview will hopefully pique interest in another film Gibson is working on. That film, called The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection is, as the title suggests, about Christ’s resurrection.

Though little is known about the film, Movie Web reports that “While Satan only had a couple of cameos in Passion, it sounds like much of the film will take place in Hell, where we will likely be treated to Gibson’s interpretation of eternal suffering.

So, even if Gibson’s early end to the interview was weird, he should be commended for promoting the True Faith and using his platform and influence to tell important Christian stories.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.