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YIKES: Man Gets Off Without Jail Time Despite Savagely Assaulting Girlfriend, Killing Unborn Baby

Apparently it’s not just blue state prosecutors that have gone woke and gotten soft on criminals, as a man in Texas who beat up his girlfriend in an assault so vicious that their unborn child died has gotten off with no jail time.

That’s thanks to a plea deal he made with the Travis County District Attorney’s office on Monday, a plea deal that bizarrely lets him off without serving jail time for the vicious, savage assault.

Reporting on that soft-on-crime plea deal was Fox News Digital, which reported that:

Johnny Charles Ebbs V’s plea deal comes with eight years of deferred adjudication on a third-degree continuous family violence assault charge, meaning that he has not been found guilty at the time of sentencing and will have his offense dismissed if he doesn’t violate his probation.

Police said Ebbs beat and hospitalized his pregnant girlfriend, LaShonda Lemons, in Austin in 2019. Three days later, the unborn child died due to blunt force trauma.

The county seat of Travis County is Austin, Texas, an already liberal city made even woker by the influx of Californians and “tech bros” as leftist policies made California more and more unliberal. That local, along with the fact that Ebbs is black and thus potentially a beneficiary of the post-George Floyd narrative on crime helps explain why he got such a weak slap on the wrist despite killing a baby.

KXAN, adding more color to the details of the assault, the intentionality of it, and Ebbs’s savagery when assaulting his then-pregnant girlfriend, notes that:

According to an arrest warrant, Ebbs assaulted his pregnant girlfriend, LaShonda Lemons, during a verbal fight in 2019. The warrant said Ebbs punched her in the stomach and screamed “F— you and this baby! You aren’t going anywhere!”

Lemons said she went to the hospital three days later and was told the baby died. A doctor indicated that “placenta abruption” was present, which means the placenta was detached from the womb, according to the affidavit. This can be caused by blunt force trauma.

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Lemons, speaking to Ebbs in the courtroom, said:

You were the first person to hold me at gunpoint. The first person to strangle me.

Additionally, Lemons’ lawyer noted that Ebbs has not surrendered his firearms despite being required to do so as part of his plea deal. Sounding off on that and arguing that the law is useless if not enforced, he said:

We have firearm surrender laws. We have domestic violence laws. But if there’s not enforcement and implementation of those laws, they’re relatively useless.

Joining the attorney in criticizing the way Ebbs was being handled by the criminal justice system was domestic abuse advocate Coni Huntsman Stogner, who argued that the light slap on the wrist Ebbs received does not serve justice. In Stogner’s words:

Very concerned that the sentencing does not result in safety for the survivor and the community.

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Featured image credit: Austin Police Department