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YIKES: Flooded EVs are Spontanteously Combusting, Causing Huge Problems for Firefighters in Florida after Hurricane Ian

In a delicious irony, the greenies that thought they were outsmarting and healing mother nature got laughed at last as Hurricane Ian tragically tore through swaths of Florida and crippled electric vehicles.

Now, this isn’t to say we celebrate their destruction and temporary immobility, but it is absolutely worth pointing out that humanity’s existence on planet earth will continue to be a fight for survival. Sometimes the best teacher is hard knocks. Most rational people recognize one of the best tools in this man-versus-nature struggle has been fossil fuels in the last one hundred years, as it has enabled massive exploitation of travel, heating, cooling, and comfort. Maybe a few more folks will wake up and stop jumping on the eco-communism bandwagon.

Electric vehicle batteries are already under fire for the way lithium in mined, how they don’t last for nearly as long as advertised, among other things, and now Florida’s top fire marshall pointed out one more:

There’s a ton of EVs disabled from Ian. As those batteries corrode, fires start. That’s a new challenge that our firefighters haven’t faced before. At least on this kind of scale.

Good grief. Patronis later followed up with a second tweet saying: “It takes special training and understanding of EVs to ensure these fires are put out quickly and safely. Thanks to [North Collier Fire Rescue] for their hard work.”

In that tweet, Patronis added several videos of firefighters dousing flaming EVs with special retardants and safely ending further threats:

Another commenter on Twitter took the battery fire issue to the next level, which would once more be a cataclysmic irony in the midst of our insane green push

I keep waiting for them to start forest fires in California, Oregon, and Washington. I wouldn’t want one parked in my garage – and some public parking lots are refusing to allow them. Can’t blame them.

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Fox News added that it was unsure of just how many vehicles were impacted by the storm, though it did note the issue comes just as Joe Biden is ramping up efforts to move away from gas-powered cars:

The Biden administration has also taken a number of steps to incentivize Americans to shift to EVs. The president signed the Inflation Reduction Act, a bill that included a provision that awards Americans a tax credit worth $7,500 per EV purchase, into law in August, and the Department of Transportation has worked to create a federal EV highway charging network.

However, critics have blasted the administration for giving a “false impression” about EVs, noting that they are expensive and often unreliable.

“[The EV push] is really kind of a con job,” Myron Ebell, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, told FOX Business in July. “It may be a good deal for some people in some places under some circumstances. But by-and-large right now, it’s not a good deal.”

Featured image: Screen shot, Twitter

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative