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Yikes: Firestorm Follows Viral Video of Kamala Talking about Directing Relief Funds to “Communities of Color”. Here’s What Really Happened

Recently, a clip that purports to show VP Kamala Harris saying that Hurricane Ian relief funds will be provided to communities based on “equity” and “color” (she was really discussing something else, as will be discussed below) went viral. In the edited clip, Kamala can be heard saying:

“It is our lowest income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions.”

“We have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity, understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity.

Watch it here:

However, the video appears to have been somewhat deceptively edited, as Kamala was really talking about providing aid to “communities of color” for long-term effects of climate change, not Hurricane Ian relief, as you can watch in this longer clip:

Regardless, the edited clip went viral and started a massive firestorm on Twitter, with everyone from a DeSantis reelection official to Elon Musk sounding off on the clip.


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In fact, Christina Pushaw, rapid response director to DeSantis’ re-election campaign, blasted Kalama on Twitter for the worry her speech was causing, saying:

This is false. @VP’s rhetoric is causing undue panic and must be clarified. FEMA Individual Assistance is already available to all Floridians impacted by Hurricane Ian, regardless of race or background. If you need assistance visit or call 1-800-621-3362.

Pushaw’s claim that aid is available to everyone regardless of their race is more or less confirmed by the “FACT SHEET: Update on Biden-⁠Harris Administration’s Response to Hurricane Ian” provided by the White House, which declines to mention “race” or “equity” in its description of what Team Biden has done to help those Floridians impacted by Hurricane Ian.

And Pushaw wasn’t the only one who sounded off on Kamala’s statement. America’s favorite African-American, Elon Musk, joined in as well. He did so by commenting on a Ryan Fournier Twitter post in which Fournier said “You can’t make this up. Kamala Harris said the administration will be giving hurricane resources “based on equity” by directing funds to “communities of color.” I guess everyone else is just screwed. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Well, it was somewhat made up, as Kamala was speaking about “climate change”, not hurricane aid. But, regardless, Elon Musk commented on Fournier’s tweet, saying “Should be according to greatest need, not race or anything else.”

Many pushed back in the comments sections of those tweets, pointing to the longer video and showing that Kamala was talking about climate change aid generally, not Hurricane Ian relief assistance.

But, regardless, the intent is the same: to give out aid based on color and “equity”, not on need and merit. Yes, it’s true that Kamala was talking about a long-term problem rather than the immediate issue posed by Hurrian Ian and the devastation wrought by it, but the problem of Kamala wanting to hand out color-based aid remains.

So the Fournier claim was wrong, but Pushaw was probably right that the clip was causing panic among desperate Floridians and was right to let people know aid is not, as of now, being handed out based on race, as confirmed by the White House fact sheet.

Still, it’s scary that a woman who could very well end up being our president is describing a program of race-based government aid.

By: Gen Z Conservative