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YIKES: Pair of Biden Getting Lost Videos Raise Serious Concerns about Brandon’s Brain [WATCH]

Biden’s back to speaking around the country and so back to making gaffes that make it incredibly, painfully obvious how senile he is and thus how mentally incompetent our Commander in Chief is. That’s not great in any circumstance, but is particularly bad when nuclear war with the Russkies looks more probable than it has been in a long time and when the Chinese are obviously hoping to send a flotilla across the Taiwan Straight.

In any case, it’s seemingly all that President Brandon is capable of, and so we’re getting some great videos of him looking like a broken down robot. Thanks to Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson, we got two great ones yesterday. Enjoy watching:

For those that can’t watch, in this video, Biden finishes his speech, walks to his left, looks confused, walks back toward the podium, looks even more confused, spins around a few times, and then walks back off the stage in the direction he was originally going.

Then there was this one:

In that one, Brandon talked to reporters and claimed he was in high demand after walking into a building while looking like a lost dog…once again, it wasn’t his finest moment.

Predictably, the Twitter comments on both of Benny’s videos were utterly hilarious:

I mean how hard is it to walk off a stage?

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The teleprompter leader should probably end with “2 scoops of ice cream if you leave through your left side dot dot dot” 🤣

If they just had a young girl with hair standing where he needs to walk, he’d never get lost.

I can’t believe the people responding back that “he’s on leave him alone and all the other reasons they come up with to defend him. This is your country too, you like paying a lot more for food and gas and any work you need done has tripled in amount, just admit it

One of Biden’s handlers needs to put a giant picture of an ice cream cone where he’s supposed to exit a stage.

“I don’t know where I’m going.” Yeah, neither does the country with Biden ‘in charge.’

He’s like my papa who kept driving to the wrong house. It’s sad to say, but at some point you have to take the keys away.

Doesn’t know where he’s going let alone where he’s been 🤯 Our President sad

Look fat, I’m not lost. Where’s my ice cream?

And there was the comment that was clearly hinting Biden actually has dementia, saying:

My husband has dementia. When we enter a building & go into an office he always turns the wrong way when leaving. He drives well but I have to tell him every turn to make. He sometimes insists on turning the wrong way so we spend a considerable amount of time turning around.

Does he? Who knows. But that symptom sure sounds similar…

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Featured image credit: screengrab from embedded Twitter video