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YIKES: Duke Volleyball Player Allegedly Caught in Racial Slur Hoax that Got Mentally Handicapped Man Banned for Life

A good general rule of thumb is that if you hear that someone is alleging having been threatened with a noose, jeered at with racial slurs, or otherwise harassed by one of those phantom “racists” that the left so obviously and desperately wants to exist so that they have good reason for calling the right “racist,” the story is probably somewhere on the scale of “not real” to “seriously exaggerated.”

Though there undoubtedly are real cases out there, many have been proven false, with Bubba Wallace and Jussie Smollett being the two most obvious examples, along with countless others from schools around the country.

As the situation was put in a USA Today article from 2019:

 A great many hate crime stories turn out to be hoaxes. Simply looking at what happened to the most widely reported hate crime stories over the past 4-5 years illustrates this: not only the Smollett case but also the Yasmin SeweidAir Force AcademyEastern MichiganWisconsin-ParksideKean College, Covington Catholic, and “Hopewell Baptist burning” racial scandals all turned out to be fakes. And, these cases are not isolated outliers.

Doing research for a book, Hate Crime Hoax, I was able to easily put together a data set of 409 confirmed hate hoaxes. An overlapping but substantially different list of 348 hoaxes exists at, and researcher Laird Wilcox put together another list of at least 300 in his still-contemporary book Crying Wolf. To put these numbers in context, a little over 7,000 hate crimes were reported by the FBI in 2017 and perhaps 8-10% of these are widely reported enough to catch the eye of a national researcher.

So, if those numbers are real, of the ~700 that would catch the eye of a researcher, about 400, or a little over half, are fake. Perhaps the numbers are off and there are far more real ones than fake ones. Such is also possible. But, at least in the case of high profile incidents, there’s a good chance they’re fake.

Well, such another racial incident hoax just cropped up, this one coming from a black girl on the Duke volleyball team who claimed that BYU students were yelling racial slurs at her at a weekend game. Turns out, no one can corroborate her story, those in the stands say it didn’t happen, and her making it up got a mentally handicapped man permanently banned. Here’s what Greg Price reported on Twitter:

Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson alleged over the weekend that BYU students yelled racial slurs at her.

Multiple people who were in the student section have now gone on record to say it never happened.

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But wait, it gets worse: One student alleges that the person BYU athletics says did it was a mentally handicapped man who was not sitting in the student section. He says that they banned an innocent person for life to make their PR mess go away.

But wait, it gets even worse: Rachel Richardson has a godmother running for political office in Fort Worth, Texas.

She starting tweeting about it before Rachel released her statement and has several tweets about how white people suck.

Yikes. And here’s more info about the situation:

Oh, and LeBron got involved despite not one of the thousands of fans in the stadium corroborating her story:

The BYU Cougar Chronicle reported much the same thing, saying:

The Cougar Chronicle has been unable to find a source in the student section that can corroborate Richardson’s claim of racial slurs being yelled at her. Vera Smith, a BYU student in the student section during the game, said she “heard absolutely nothing” that could be taken as a racial slur. Jacob Hanson, also a BYU student, shared texts with the Cougar Chronicle from two friends in two different parts of the student section that also heard nothing. They said they were not aware there had been a problem until after the game. Maddy Johnson, another BYU student who was in the ROC student section, said she did not hear any racial slur said and when she saw the individual escorted out of the arena he was in a different section. A mother of a BYU student says she personally knows five people who were in the student section during the game “One person was on the court and the others were in the first row” she told the Chronicle. None of them heard a racial slur. Two other people on the court, who wish to remain anonymous, did not hear any racial slurs.

O’Connor explained what happened after the game:

“When a mentally challenged fan approached a Duke player. The Duke team then suddenly recognized the handicapped man’s ‘voice’ as the same one shouting slurs. They never saw or pointed out a face, just a voice. They banned this man. Not for slurs, but for interfering with visiting guests. BYU Athletics staff went through footage of the entire game and the man Duke identified was never seated in the student section. Her story doesn’t add up, BYU banned an innocent man to appease the mob and make their PR mess go away. While I don’t know if Ms. Richardson genuinely misheard something or intentionally made up this story, it certainly does not constitute the criticism BYU has gotten. There is zero evidence of a slur being said. Not a single witness, besides Ms. Richardson, has come forth. Not a single cell phone video or BYUtv’s several camera angles caught a single thing. How unlikely when this person supposedly said a slur during ‘every single serve.'”

So  there’s that. Seems about as good a story of race relations in America right now as any other.

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