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YIKES: Dr. Jill Lashes Out at Staff after Brandon Botches Presser, Gets Roasted by Republicans

The last time Biden did a solo press conference was way, way back when Psaki was still the press secretary for the Biden Administration. It didn’t go too well because no one cut off Biden when it was time to go, and so Dr. Jill was reportedly fuming.

During that presser, Brandon was answering press questions from a pre-approved list. He did so for about an hour, handling the thing remarkably well for someone of his age and mental capabilities.

But a victory for the administration wasn’t secured because no one stopped Biden after the hour was up and it was time to get him off the stage.

Instead, though Psaki tried to cut off Biden, he just kept going for another twenty minutes, not taking the hint and wrapping it up.

Then, after those twenty minutes of more questions, Psaki tried to get Biden to take the hint yet again, walking to the door to try to get Biden to realize it was time to go.

He did not realize it was time to go. Instead, he looked at his watch and then continued going for another half hour.

And so the president continued talking well past his sell-by date of the day, with the speech not going particularly well. In the words of Townhall, “he botched the whole speech.

Well, Dr. Jill was, according to a New York Times report on the aftermath, furious about how things went.

According to that report, “She pointedly asked the group, which included the president, why nobody stepped in to stop it” and wanted to know “where was the person…who was supposed to end the news conference?”

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Well, the GOP took hold of that report and ran with it despite it coming from the New York Times, using it to claim that Dr. Jill knows what’s really going on with his condition and is worried that too much press exposure could reveal his mental state.

Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia, for example, told Fox News Digital that “Apparently the First Lady knows a train wreck when she sees one. I think everyone in the White House is concerned that the President will accidentally reveal the Biden-Harris administration’s true agenda.”

On a similar note, Rep. Stefanik quipped that the “president of the United States should not need a babysitter when he talks to the media” but that “apparently Joe Biden does.

Using the report to show a different issue with the Biden White House, Sen. Marsha Blackburn argued that it shows Biden doesn’t have control of his administration but is rather supposed to be handled, telling Fox News Digital that:

“The American people are watching the situation with the President very closely. So are other world leaders.It is apparent he is not in control of the White House, his staff and the issues of the day.”

That message was echoed by Rep. Van Drew of New Jersey, who said:

“The American people put Joe Biden in office and deserve to hear directly from the president himself. Our country does not operate under surrogates in chief.

“If Joe Biden is not able to perform his duties as president and talk to the American people on a regular basis, then he should not be running the greatest country in the world. The American people deserve answers. Not from his staff, not from his press team but from the president of the United States.

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