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YIKES: CNN Promotes Potentially Illegal, Dangerous Practice in Wake of Dobbs Decision [WATCH]

As normal people, particularly Christians, around the nation celebrate the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, the leftists over at CNN are going completely berserk over the idea that it might now be more difficult for women in red states to get abortions…though I expect they’d say that men can get pregnant, and thus get abortions, too.

Forgetting the pregnant man emoji for now, the loons over at CNN have in fact gone so berserk that they took the highly irresponsible step of promoting a potentially illegal abortion pill service that connects women wanting an abortion to unregulated pharmaceutical services that provide said pills, often from overseas markets, in the mail.

Watch that here:

As you can hear in the video, CNN host Poppy Harlow interviewed Elisa Wells, who is the co-founder of Plan C. She, a woman brought on by CNN, encouraged the procurement of the pills for what she called “self-managed abortion,” admitting during the interview the role of “mystery shoppers”, saying:

We have been testing websites that offer pills by mail for about five years now. We have purchased from them. We regularly purchase from them using mystery shoppers.

That’s problematic advice both because it might be illegal and because of the unknown nature of the mystery pills from the internt, as the Washington Free Beacon reported, saying:

CNN host Poppy Harlow interviewed the head of Plan C, a group that connects women with unregulated overseas pharmacies that mail chemical abortion pills to the United States—an illegal practice that skirts federal regulations. Elisa Wells, the cofounder of the group, encouraged women to obtain the pills without medical supervision or follow-up visit, even though chemical abortion pills have roughly four times the complication rate of surgical abortions.

[…]The group’s website, however, admits it “cannot guarantee” the illegal pharmacies it refers “will be reliable.”

Plan C’s black-market network operates alongside the thriving FDA-regulated chemical abortion pill industry. Chemical abortions outpaced surgical abortions for the first time in 2020, two decades after the pill was first approved. Still, women turn to unregulated pharmacies like those promoted by Plan C to avoid doctor visits or obtain the pills in advance of a pregnancy. Many states require women to take FDA-approved pills in the presence of a doctor and return for a visit after a designated time period.

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The Blaze also reported on the “gray zone” of legality surrounding the pills, saying:

Aid Access, another organization that ships women abortion medication, is also continuing operations in the U.S., despite receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the FDA in 2019, CNBC reported.

The same woman, Wells, then even went so far as to suggest that women should skirt FDA guidance, which directs any woman who uses abortion medication to undergo a follow-up visit with their physician. Speaking on that, she said:

Most people can tell if they’re no longer pregnant and if they’re not having any bleeding issues, there’s really no reason for it. If you ask clinic providers, they will say that a lot of people are not coming in. They don’t need them.

“There’s no information that the clinician needs to have. They do not need to know that you’ve taken abortion pills in order to provide safe follow-up treatment.

That was too much for even the CNN host, who pushed back, saying that people should be honest with their doctors, something that’s good advice despite coming from CNN.

But Wells didn’t back down and instead said “In an ideal world, of course, we would want people to be fully transparent with their providers. But we are not in an ideal world right now.

That’s particularly dangerous advice given the complications that can result from the pills, something which the Washington Free Beacon also reported on, saying:

But a recent Charlotte Lozier Institute study showed that women who failed to disclose they took abortion pills during an emergency room visit averaged more than three in-patient hospital admissions to treat subsequent complications—a 78 percent higher rate than women who did disclose. Tessa Longbons, a senior research associate at the institute, said groups such as Plan C overlook this data because they value advocacy over science.

That’s dangerous advice and it’s good that CNN pushed back, though they should have done so far more strongly and also noted the potentially illegal nature of the pills. And that’s before getting into the morality of the whole issue, or the safety risk of taking mystery pills sourced from abroad and delivered after ordering them on the internet.

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