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Yikes: BLISTERING Report Reveals Just How Much Woke Disney “Has Lost Its Magic”

The corporate disaster that is Disney continues falling to new lows. Conclusions drawn from a blistering study conducted among average Americans reveals the woke entertainment giant continues spiraling in a downward trend.

In short, the respondents overwhelmingly stated that the magic of Disney has been lost, citing primarily exorbitant prices at Disney World theme park. No doubt the exhausting culture war that has seen Disney embrace far-left fanaticism isn’t helping.

Breaking down the study, the New York Post writes just how much price gouging is taking place:

The majority of respondents from a survey, which was conducted by gambling website Time2play, griped that a Disney World vacation is too expensive for families. 

A ticket to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 1971 cost just $3.50, the study said. When adjusting for inflation, that would mean tickets would be roughly $25.60 today. But that’s far less than what tickets actually cost. Entry to one Disney World park ranges from $109 to $159 per day, depending on the date and time of the visit.

The survey of 1,927 self-proclaimed “Disney World enthusiasts” found 68.3% lamenting that the price increase makes them feel like the theme park has “lost its magic.” A massive 92.6% of respondents said they think high prices at Disney World have made a vacation for the average family “out of reach.”

The Post then covers an explosive finding from the survey, highlighting how Disney is becoming completely unaffordable for most would-be parkgoers.

Nearly 50% of the survey’s respondents reported postponing a trip due to price increases in recent years. Those still planning to go said they expect their next trip to cost 35.7% more on average than their previous visit. 

The study cited by the Post, conducted by Time2Play, revealed that Disney’s nickel and diming has led to truncated experiences that can only be expanded by spending ever more dollars.

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But even if a family is able to save up for admission tickets, food, and lodging, they’re still not entitled to everything the parks have to offer. In 2021, Disney World ditched its Fast Pass system after more than 20 years in favor of the new Genie service, and its paid companion service Genie+. This change has been poorly received by most park loyalists, including those we surveyed. In fact, 66.9% report feeling they won’t get the full Disney World experience if they don’t upgrade to Genie+ and purchase additional Lightning Lane entries. But the disillusionment doesn’t stop there, 68.3% said rampant price increases and nickel and diming have made it feel like Disney World has lost its magic.

Some families estimated that a trip for just a few days would easily stretch into thousands of dollars, especially for trips that require airline and hotel accomodations. Single-day tickets cannot be found for under $100, with some parks requiring spending close to $200 – per person. Factoring in the cost of the Disney merchandise (Mickey ears went from just $10 to $39 in recent years) and food dooms any family to forking over a month’s salary.

This article was syndicated with permission from our friends at the Blue State Conservative