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YIKES: American Tourist in Cancun Kidnapped, Attacked with Machete, Left for Dead

An American tourist narrowly escaped death when he found himself attacked by a man with a machete and left for dead on the side of a road.

Dustan Jackson, A Utah Resident, was struck by the blade of a machete multiple times, having his foot severed and his shoulder decimated by multiple blows.

He was on vacation in Cancun and now hopes to create some sort of documentary-style film to show his fellow Americans the dangers of traveling across the southern border.

Jackson was in Cancun with his wife when he decided to find a store that sold chewing tobacco. Not knowing the area well enough to find any on his own, he hailed a taxi and asked the driver to take him to any store that sold tobacco products.

Jackson said that the cab driver, along with a gang of his countrymen, kidnapped and left the American tourist for dead.

As soon as he exited the vehicle, Jackson was ambushed and knocked unconscious before he was able to react.

“I get out, and I’m like, okay, as I’m walking in… then book, lights out,” said Jackson as he recalled the event to Fox News. “Next thing I know, I am waking up in a ditch.

“They went to cut my Achilles tendon, and they missed. Instead of hitting it, they hit the bottom of my foot, and then my foot just flapped around,” he said. “They were trying to cut all my tendons and leave me for dead.”

According to Jackson, he lay in the same ditch that his assailants left him in for at least two days before he found the strength to begin asking the natives for help.

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“I was laying there, pretty much just waiting to die, something inside of me, that strength came to me and said, ‘You’ve got family, you’ve got kids. Get up,’” and so he did.

A police officer brought Jackson to the airport and rendered first aid to him on the way. Again at the airport, he began strangers for help, and many turned him down until a woman from Africa, whose flight had been canceled, assisted him.

Jackson is now in an American hospital revering from reconstructive surgeries to repair his injured foot and shoulder.

Jackson had this to say about the long-term effects of the attack on his body.

“My shoulder’s completely fake now. There is no more real bone in there. The doctors think it’s from him showing me out of a vehicle probably.”

Finally, Jackson offered a reflection on his near-death experience and a brave outlook on life that can serve as great advice to many others.

“I take the little times in life, I don’t take them for granted anymore,” Jackson said. “You just don’t know what life is going to bring you, so never give up. Keep going. Everybody has a purpose.”

By: Goose