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Madness: Dictator Xi Debuts Book on Human Rights

China’s genocidal dictator, Xi Jinping, apparently has some wisdom he wants to impart on the world, and it’s not about a subject you’d expect; it’s human rights.

That’s right, the genocidal dictator, the worst human rights violator in the world by a large margin according to the State Department, is writing a book that contains his “discourses on protecting and respecting human rights,” according to Chinese state media.

The China Daily, regime media for the CCP, reported that:

A book with extracts from President Xi Jinping’s discourses on respecting and protecting human rights demonstrates how China conducts its people-centered approach to human rights protection with solid actions, officials and experts have said.

It also provides guidance for a wide range of developing countries to find their own paths toward human rights protection according to their own domestic conditions, they added.

Attempting to discredit the free West and boost China’s tyrannical system (though it, of course, doesn’t describe things that way), the China Daily adds that:

By always putting people first, China has achieved long-term economic development and social stability over the years, and its people are satisfied with the achievements

[…]However, Jiang said that the concept of human rights boasted about by Western countries, including the United States, is centered on the needs of the capitalist system, and has little regard for people’s lives and health, particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

It also quotes a CCP official who said:

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“Only the people have the right to judge a country’s progress on human rights protection

[…]China’s human rights progress is due to the leadership of the CPC and the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

But the United States and some other Western countries are obviously dissatisfied with China’s approach and even attempted to deny it and used the human rights issue as an excuse to interfere in China’s domestic issues.”

Left out entirely is that China is running concentration camps and that the CCP suppresses free speech, crushes dissent, and disappears its political enemies.

I guess those reprehensible acts are just a different form of human rights and part of “socialism with Chinese characteristics” and any attempts to criticize the CCP for those heinous crimes are examples of Western imperialists interfering in China’s internal affairs.

Further, now what genocidal dictator Xi has written a book on human rights, perhaps he can get on the UN human rights council and join such luminaries as Syria, Sudan, and Venezuela, all of which are about as committed to “protecting and respecting human rights” as Xi.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics