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AWESOME: A Wyoming School is Doing this To Teach Kids Marksmanship and Gun Safety

Most school teachers aren’t exactly gun aficionados. The pearl-clutching (figuratively, not literally, they don’t wear those) blue hairs that seem to have taken over modern education at nearly every level are generally the “drink wine alone with my cats” rather than the “explore the great outdoors with a Winchester .30-30 in my hands” types.

However, in the great state of Wyoming, teachers are stepping up and doing what is best for their pupils: teaching them marksmanship and gun safety in school.

Yes, really. While your kid can get kicked out of his public school for pretending to be a Star Wars character and pointing a finger gun at his friend, kids in Wyoming get to shoot guns at school. No wonder people are fleeing blue states.

Well, only one Wyoming school. But still, it’s a good start; maybe the program will catch on and spread across that state, one of the few remaining bastions of liberty.

Here are the details of the program, as reported by the Miami Herald:

A school district in Wyoming recently used a gymnasium as a shooting range, training fifth and sixth grade students in marksmanship during PE.

Hot Springs County School District #1, in the small town of Thermopolis, shared photos of the sharpshooting session in a Feb. 2 Facebook post, and it quickly caught the attention of thousands. McClatchy News has obtained a screengrab of the Facebook post, which is no longer publicly available.

In the pictures, the children are seen aiming air rifles across the gym at a set of targets propped up against the bleachers with what appears to be plywood.

Whoever came up with that program is genius, for a number of reasons.

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For one, pellet guns are a great way to train kids to shoot. They’re dangerous enough to teach kids to respect weapons, unlike BB guns or airsoft, but not generally dangerous enough to be deadly, making it a bit safer to hand one to a nine-year-old. Plus, they can be used indoors when proper precautions are taken, so that made it far easier to do something on school grounds with the kids. So +1 for whoever came up with that idea.

More importantly than the choice of gun is what doing the training at school, as a group teaches: that shooting is normal and is a fun group activity. Though probably not as much a problem in Wyoming, the left’s war on guns has made some uncomfortable to share that they enjoy hunting or shooting. By structuring the activity in this manner, the kids can see that shooting with one’s friends is a perfectly acceptable activity, one they shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Unfortunately, not everyone was pleased with the idea, which was criticized as being “offensive” when posted to Facebook. As Breitbart reports:

The Cowboy State Daily notes that the school put up a Facebook post with pictures of students lying prone with their air rifles, then removed the post after some people found it “offensive.”

Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Aaron Nab (R) responded to those who took offense at the Facebook post, saying, “Hot Springs County School District made this post on their Facebook last week and now the post is gone, most likely due to some people being cry babies…I fully support what the District was doing with this. This needs to be going on in schools across Wyoming.”

Shooting and marksmanship are the basis of the American republic; without those skills we wouldn’t have won the Revolution. Shooting skills should be praised, not attacked. At least some people still get that.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

(Photo a Facebook screengrab captured by Breitbart)