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WTF: Trio of Panty Plunderers and Boxer-Bandits Wreak Havoc Stealing this in Georgia

In metro Atlanta, Fox5News reports that they are seeking an end to a crime wave that has targeted multiple Kohl’s stores.  You won’t believe what is being stolen.

In the most recent episode in this theft saga, 3 women were seen stuffing men’s underwear into large duffel bags at a Newnan location of one of the nation’s largest department stores.

According to police, the trio of boxer bandits has already stolen multiple thousands of dollars of men’s underwear, while targeting four different Kohl’s locations.

In a surveillance video from the store, the woman can be seen shoveling what appears to be containers of Nike Boxers into duffel bags, before exiting the Kohl’s.

On the Nike website, a set of three “Essential Cotton Stretch” men’s boxer briefs sell for $42.50.

The women are said to have stolen $1,800 of underwear from the Kohl’s in Newnan, Georgia, and more than $6,000 worth from other Kohl’s stores in Marietta, Woodstock, and McDonough. 

For any reader who also wonders, “how many pairs of men’s boxers did these expert thieves steal,” I am here to answer exactly that question.

By using the total dollar amount stolen, and the price of a set of men’s boxer briefs from the Nike website, it appears that the trio of master thieves made off with roughly 141 three-packs of boxers.

In a more practical sense, these bandits stole 423 individual pairs of underwear from the four aforementioned Kohl’s locations.

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Now, although these women are not likely to star in the next iteration of the Ocean’s film saga, that is certainly an amount of men’s underwear that should impress even the most grizzled robber.

According to Kohn & Yager Attorneys at Law, “shoplifting can also be considered a felony. A person would be charged with a felony for shoplifting if the value of the item or items taken is over $500 or if it is the person’s fourth offense for shoplifting.”

So, given the info above, our beloved boxer bandits seem to be eligible for felony charges in relation to their string of underwear robberies.

Atlanta, like many other major cities, has struggled with increased crime in recent years and 2022 is no different.

Earlier this year, Buckhead, the wealthiest neighborhood in the city, made an attempt to leave Atlanta and create its own city.  Buckhead is unhappy with the lack of policing and the apparent desire by some government officials to allow crime to run rampant.

Even a Democrat, Mayor Andre Dickens of Atlanta, was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying “it is of paramount concern for me to stop this crime wave in our city.”

In April, Governor Brian Kemp signed several new laws to curb crime in Georgia. 

“Public safety is the number one responsibility of any government,” Kemp began, “and the rise in crime that we’ve been facing in many ways of our communities across Georgia is unacceptable to me, it’s unacceptable to law enforcement, and it’s certainly unacceptable to the people we serve.”

As officials continue to rack their brains for ideas to slow crime, a good start would be finding these panty-plunderers and getting them off the streets.

By: Goose

Image credit: YouTube ScreenGrab