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“Wrong Home”: Table Turned on Three Thugs Who Attempted Home Invasion, End Up in Sights of a Veteran and His Rifle [VIDEO]

Three thugs that very well could have, had they encountered an unarmed or unprepared homeowner, ended up murdering a man and his family and taking their things found themselves on the other side of the barrel, so to speak, after breaking and entering and finding a veteran armed with his rifle rather than a helpless homeowner at their mercy.

Watch the Fox News report on the story here:

During the event, which took place in Clayton County, GA, the homeowner saw the three perps walking up his driveway, obviously attempting to rob the place.

Rather than just sit by and let it happen, as an unarmed homeowner would have had to do, this guy slipped on his flip-flops and grabbed his AR-15 chambered in 300 Blackout (a wonderful self-defense round for close-range encounters such as this, as it combines the mobility and ease of use of a typical AR-15 with a lower sound signature, particularly when paired with a suppressor and subsonic rounds, and a .30 caliber bullet that, because of its weight, can really do some damage).

Armed and with something on his feet, he was then able to rush out the door and defend his castle, firing at the perps and fighting them off.

Unfortunately, they were able to steal his truck and used his BMW for cover, forcing him to pump a few rounds into it.

Fortunately, however, the armed veteran and his family survived the encounters, something that very well might have not been the case had he been unarmed or scared into inaction…when seconds count, the police are minutes away. An AR-15, on the other hand, can be right by your side.

Not the Bee, commenting on the incident, noted that the man perhaps should have taken a different tack in dealing with the perps, one that would have helped him not shoot up his BMW or give them the opportunity to steal his truck, saying:

Also, pro tip: Post behind something and don’t stand in the middle of an open yard. Know the angles and cover inside and around your house.

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Otherwise, you may be need to shoot at a perp from the open while he uses your car as a shield, forcing you to shoot up your BMW and truck to eliminate the threat.

They were also critical of his flip flop choice, as those tripped him up during the encounter, leading Louder with Crowder to say:

Unlike my friends at Not the Bee, I’m not going to be too critical of the flip-flops. My dude here was more concerned about protecting his wife than any fashion faux-pas. However, I will suggest that should this happen again, or should this happen to you, just run out barefoot. Less of a chance of you tripping over your unfortunate choice of footwear. Plus, you would probably earn yourself a foot rub for your bravery.

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Featured image screencap from Fox5 YouTube video