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WOW: Yet Another EV Failure, Electric Vehicle Takes 15 Hours to Drive Only 175 Miles

Recently, the owner of an electric vehicle claimed it took them 15 hours to travel the mere distance of 175 miles.  The trip started in Cheyenne, Wyoming and completed in Casper, Wyoming, a trip that normally takes around 3 hours in a regular gasoline-powered vehicle.

Alan O’Hashi, the owner of this vehicle, which is a Nissan Leaf, stated, “What I’ve learned from driving this thing is patience.”

According to O’Hashi, this is not an anomaly with this vehicle either as it took him over 11 hours to travel between these two cities on another occasion.

So at the worst, this trip could take you up to 5 times as long as it would in a normal car when driving the Nissan Leaf.

This points out the troubling unpredictability with the batteries in electric vehicles as there are a number of variables that have to be taken into consideration.  These include, distance to charging stations, the type of terrain, wind, and how fast the battery will charge.

O’hashi has detailed the issue of charging the battery for long road trips, where it will take hours between stops to get enough charge to make it to the next destination.

He said, “So, I could sit there for two hours and get enough charge to get to Casper, but just barely,” when referencing the voyage from Cheyenne.  That’s an additional two hours, not to even fully charge the battery.

Additionally, O’Hashi stated he prefers to stop at older motels as he can run an extension cord out of the window to charge the vehicle overnight.  However, this overnight charge provides the battery with only 40 miles of range.

O’Hashi’s experience with the Nissan Leaf illustrates a nightmare for anyone who has to drive long distances.  However, his problems barely scratch the surface as to why you wouldn’t want to buy an EV.

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As you probably know, there has been quite a push from the liberal elite to coerce people into buying electric vehicles as a means of forcing the transition to green energy.

In response to the record high gas prices we have had under Joe Biden, his administration has simply encouraged people to buy one of these EV’s.

They love to point out how these new vehicles would prevent you from paying for the prices at the pump, that Biden’s policies have helped create, but conveniently omit that the average price of a new electric vehicle is nearly $70,000.  For perspective, the median income in America was $31,000 in 2019.

With the terrible state of the economy, the average consumers is having their savings destroyed by historic inflation across the board, they simply think everyone should spend even more money on a car most people can’t afford.

The infrastructure is clearly not set up for these expensive cars to replace gasoline powered vehicles, as there are an insufficient number of charging stations around the country for long drives between cities and states.  As O’Hashi demonstrated, this makes travel very inconvenient.

As states like California and New York begin passing laws mandating that most new vehicles sold in their state be EV compliant by 2035, it makes you wonder how this will disrupt travel for their residents.  Let’s hope other states don’t follow.

It would be one thing if the market incentivized people with a cost-effective and better alternative to a regular car, but what we are seeing is outright coercion to buy an inferior mode of transportation in many ways.


-Macro Conservative