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WOW: Woman’s Tweet About Her Tesla Electric Car Goes Viral, Dems NOT Happy

During the 2020 presidential debates, Joe Biden admitted if he was elected, he would phase out fossil fuel energy, forcing Americans to convert over to renewable energy sources, regardless of their shortcomings.

Now President Biden, who has a long history of not telling the truth, is actually keeping his word this time concerning energy.

On day one, Joe stopped the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline. Here are some of the Laid-off Keystone XL pipeline workers BLAST Joe Biden for LYING about American oil production

In addition, last June Biden Suspended Drilling Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The decision blocked oil and gas drilling in one of the largest tracts of undeveloped wilderness in the United States.

In a true test of the administration’s resolve, Joe Biden, the media, and Democrats are now using Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a cover for Biden’s inflation and soaring gas prices.

Their solution to the skyrocketing gas prices they caused, to advance electric cars, is telling Americans the best way to get their cost down is to go out and buy a 50K dollar electric car.

Yes, they want those who are struggling to pay $5 per gallon, to instead take on a $700 car payment for a new electric car.

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stressed in a new interview that families who buy electric vehicles (EVs) “never have to worry about gas prices again.”

While speaking on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show With Jonathan Capehart,” Buttigieg noted that Democrats’ proposed social spending package includes incentives to make it more affordable to buy an electric vehicle.

Buttigieg said that families would essentially have a “$12,500 discount” in transportation costs, adding that “families who own that vehicle will never have to worry about gas prices again.”

“The people who stand to benefit most from owning an EV are often rural residents who have the most distances to drive, who burn the most gas, and underserved urban residents in areas where there are higher gas prices and lower-income,” Buttigieg said.

The problem for Pete, people online are telling the rest of the story.

A woman named Margo, who owns an electric car tweeted out her frustrations on owning her electric car, and Dems aren’t gonna like it one bit.

“Look, I have an electric vehicle. What the government is telling you is a lie. It takes over an hour to SUPERCHARGE my Tesla. Can you imagine waiting an hour to fill up? Or going 25 miles out of the way to charge? It is not for everyone. Our country is nowhere near ready.”

Others are dealing with their own issues, including several who actually had their Teslas catch on fire, with them inside.

Here’s what people online are saying about Margo’s tweet:

“Electric vehicles are not practical for anything but short distance driving. Also the average person can’t afford them, or their upkeep, especially when the batteries only last 100K miles & it costs a fortune to replace them.”

“We live 58 mi from Anaheim but it can take over 3 hours in traffic. How well will an electric vehicle perform in those conditions? Not very well, I’m guessing…” 

“Better have a full charge and not run the AC on blast if you plan to get to point A and Point B and back again. God’s speed LOL” 

“I understand it is also around $22 thousand to replace a battery in one. Wow not for me. I love my old gas guzzling 6 cylinder Mercedes! Comfort and know it starts every time . Besides I can get a battery for $125!”

“I too own a electric car. Downloaded several apps to plan my road trip. Picked a hotel that had level 2 charging stations. On arrival another Tesla owner checked out the key to use the charger and never returned it. I was unable to charge for 12 hours. What a nightmare” 

“We are not ready & it’s like they’re trying to pull the rug out from under us with no one to catch us. And especially during these horrible times from Covid to this war it’s just cruel and maybe evil.”

“LA has brown-outs now. Could you imagine when everyone gets home from work and plugs in ? Power-outage.”

“Another thing that’s being peddled is that it costs nothing to charge an EV. Perhaps it isn’t as expensive to charge an EV as it is to buy gas (comparing EV mile to gas mile cost), but it isn’t free. It’s not carbon free, either. Electricity must be generated…by COAL” 

Here is a more extreme way one disgruntled Tesla owner recorded. *A Tesla owner blew up his car with 30 kilograms of dynamite after the company told him the cost of replacing the battery was $22,000.* Damn…..

I have a much better solution for America, Drill Baby Drill!

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Eric Thompson Show.

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson, Author at Trending Politics