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WOW: SNL Alum Pinpoints the Exact Moment He Knew the Show Was Done…And It’s the Most Cringe Skit You’ll Ever See [WATCH]

NOTE: For those who don’t know, “cringe” is a word in popular use on the New Right, often to describe things the blue-haired leftists do that make you, well, cringe. It applies perfectly here.

As many of you probably very well know by now, SNL is more or less finished. Though it’s still pushing out some content and has a few names of note left on it, there are rumors that it will soon be canceled and those rumors seem to have at least some validity. Meanwhile, many of those that used to watch it have gotten so frustrated with the woke content pushed out by it that they stopped watching a long time ago, tired of watching unfunny comedians rant about why they think Trump is a bad orange man.

And now an SNL alum is speaking out on just when he knew the shot was over, describing one of the cringiest skits the show did and saying that it was at that moment that he knew it was all over.

That alum is Rob Schneider and the skit was one that SNL ran on the Saturday after election day 2016, one that might be the worst that they ever made. What was it? Their “Hillary Clinton” actress playing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Watch it here:

That’s it. There wasn’t any joke. There wasn’t anything funny. It wasn’t even comedy. It was just Killary singing the song. And that’s when Schneider knew the show was done. Watch him explain why here:

As you can hear in the video, Schneider says he knew the show was over then because there was no joke at the end…just some skit of Hillary singing. In his words:

“I literally prayed, ‘please have a joke at the end.’ Don’t do this. Please don’t go down there. And there was no joke at the end, and I went, ‘It’s over. It’s over. It’s not gonna come back.'”

Indeed. With that it was over. And, frankly, Schneider gets the timeline just about right too. This skit, “The Bubble” was pretty much the last good one that SNL did:

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It came out in late November 2016, right after the election and shortly after the Hillary singing Hallelelujah skit. It was probably the last funny thing that SNL did, as since then the show has just gone full-on leftist and made complete fools of everyone working for it and appearing in it. No more funny jokes. No more skits that hit both sides. Just pure, unadulterated nonsense of the sort that blue-haired cat ladies like.

And so the show, once one that made households around America laugh night after night after night, collapsed in on itself, drowning in cries of “orange man bad” and refusing to swim away from the wreckage of itself that it made in its unvarnished Trump hatred, much like CNN, which just had to fire Stelter and is rumored to be preparing to fire Lemon and Acosta.

And all they had to do to save it was just be funny and make a few jokes…too bad they couldn’t do even that.

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Image credit: Schneider image screengrab from Twitter, Hillary singing image screengrab from YouTube of SNL video