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BOOM: Levin Finally Reveals Name of Female Fox News Star He Doesn’t Get Along With, Sounds Off on RINOs

Mark Levin is one of the better Fox News hosts. Though not as good as Tucker Carlson, FNC’s best and brightest star, he’s better than more “Conservative, Inc.” type hosts like Hannity and far, far better than the RINOs employed by the network, particularly the Christ Wallace types.

Well, in what’s probably a good sign of his conservative leanings and indication that he’s not driving the way of the RINOs and NeverTrumpers, Levin recently had this to say, sounding off on the Bush-type RINOs employed by the network and exposing one of the FNC hosts that he just doesn’t get along with. Start listening at about the 1 minute mark to listen to that:

As you can hear in the audio clip, Levin began by exposing which host it is that he doesn’t get along with: Dana Perino, co-host of FNC’s “The Five” and the White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush. In Levin’s words:

That’s the Bill Hemmer, Dana Perino show. You know I’ve never been invited on that show, Mister Producer? You want to know why? Dana hates me. Yeah, it’s true.

Continuing, explaining why the rift between him and Perino exists, Levin took a sledgehammer to the Bush-types while also trying to remain pleasant, saying:

Luckily you’re not on-air, but it, but she — she doesn’t like me. She’s a Bush-y, and I’m not. She’s a Rove-ite, and I’m not. So, they take these things very personally, I think. Bill Hemmer has called me in the past. He’s actually a very nice guy, if you want to know the truth.”

It was then that Levin got to one of his better comments, an utter takedown of Bush-era Republican Karl Rove, a RINO if there ever was one. Speaking about Rove, a frequent punching bag of the conservative right, Levin said:

“I’m sorry, I don’t care for Karl Rove. There he is in Texas, you know, fighting for the RINOs right now. He was supposed to be part of the group that was gonna fight tooth and nail and defeat these efforts of gerrymandering that would blow out the Republicans, and he’s utterly failed.

He’s failed at most of what he does. Bush almost lost 2000, but for the Supreme Court and litigation that took place — legitimately — but wasn’t exactly a landslide. And so, you know, I raise these things. I’m critical of these things, so I’m just not part of the social circle, which is true.”

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Rove and others like him, apparently Dana Perino being one of them, are the embarrassing past of the GOP. They’re the fools that ignored the culture war fight until it grew out of control while squandering American blood and treasure abroad and letting the vacuum of globalism suck American industry out of the heartland and into China and Mexico. They’re the fools whose utter idiocy gave us Obama.

People like Levin and Tucker must be the future of the GOP, not RINOs like Rove and Perino.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.