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Wow: Furious Father Exacts Vengeance after Catching Pedo Molesting His Son

What should a parent do when a pedophile tries to molest their child? The law strikes a good balance: it says to call the police unless it’s absolutely necessary to intervene and you must do so to stop an assault; that way you can defend a child if necessary, but the perp won’t have an excuse to get off and you won’t get in trouble.

One dad in Oklahoma, when he heard that a pedo priest had been creepily touching his son, decided that it was time to intervene. In other words, he thought it was absolutely necessary and, given that he wasn’t charged for what happened next, the police agreed.

The story goes something like this: Michael Coghill, a 33-year-old former minister, was stopped at a bus stop with a 9-year-old boy and ran his fingers down the child’s back in the sort of blood-chilling way that made the child very uncomfortable. As Fox 25 described that incident:

The child told investigators that Coghill had frequently been jogging through the area, and according to the victim, he stopped at the bus stop on more than one occasion.

The nine year old told police that Coghill had been at the bus stop on Monday, September 20, and said Coghill touched him on the back that day. Police reports say the nine year old didn’t like the way that Coghill made him feel.

Rather than keep it to himself, the young boy went home and told his dad about the incident, who was none too pleased and wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again. So, the next time he dropped his young son off at the bus stop, he parked his car and waited, watching to see what would happen.

Then he saw it: Coghill approached the bus stop and walked up to the 9-year-old, touching him inappropriately. Fox 25, describing that part of the story, says:

The individual told police he watched as Coghill placed his hand on the child, first on his side, then moved his hand to the backside of the nine year old.

So what did the father do when he saw Coghill grope his son? He got out of his car and confronted Coghill the pervert minister, and the cowardly sicko tried to run away. He’d prey on children, but tried to get out of facing the consequences.

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Well, predictably, a fight broke out between the father and the pedo, with Coghill the pedo learning quite quickly why you shouldn’t try to molest a young child: that child’s father could break your face.

And that’s exactly what the boy’s father did. Again according to Fox 25:

The fight left Coghill’s face black and blue, the individual having fractured Coghill’s skull and cracked an orbital socket on the left side of his face.

After the fight, the police dragged Coghill into the station after the incident and booked him, with the police announcing on Facebook that “September 22nd officers arrested 33-year old Michael Coghill on complaint of lewd/indecent act to child after reported incident and altercation at bus stop.

Kentanji Brown Jackson needs to take notes from those police officers: child molesters should be locked up, not let off.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.