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WOW: FBI Accused of Hiding Seriously Damaging Information About Jeffrey Epstein, Mueller Implicated

Should a law enforcement agency take action to stop a billionaire pedophile that’s not only sexually abusing young girls himself, but inviting other members of the rich and powerful glitterati from all over the world to do so as well, both at his houses in New York City, Palm Beach, and Arizona and at his island from hell in the Caribbean?

A normal person would say “of course.” In fact, that sounds like just the sort of thing that an agency like the FBI should handle. But did it handle it? According to new allegations, nope. Instead, the allegation goes, the FBI now known for its Stasi-like raid on Mar-a-Lago hid information that would have been damaging to Epstein.

Such is what Techno Fog at The Reactionary, one of my favorite Substack authors, reported recently, saying, in a Twitter thread (check out the thread to see all the highlighted documents in which Techno Fog highlights what the FBI did and all the important information from documents it would probably much prefer kept quiet):

Wait. Was pedophile Jeffrey Epstein an informant for Mueller’s FBI? From the 5/24/18 FBI Vault release: “Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon.” Is that why he escaped serious charges for molesting over twenty girls?

Here’s the thing: I’m seeing nothing in Epstein’s 2007 plea deal with the DOJ that required him to provide information to the FBI. (see pics)

This begs the question of whether there was a separate agreement – still undisclosed – with the FBI.

It’s not a conspiracy if it fits the behavior of the parties involved. Remember, subsequent civil suits uncovered efforts by the DOJ to keep the plea deal secret from the public and the girls Epstein molested.

Hugely important dates:

9/27/2007: Epstein signs the non-prosecution agreement

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10/31/2007: Internal emails show that FBI agents still had not interviewed all the victims.

2/2018: Five months after the plea deal was reached, FBI agents still haven’t interviewed all the victims/witnesses. FBI agents haven’t even seen all the physical evidence.

Ok Techno, what does this have to do with Mueller?

The case was being run from DC.

Spring of 2008: Emails between FBI agents and the local ass’t US attorneys reveal “continued delays” in getting the case to a grand jury “due to the failure to receive decision from DC”

Yet more records.

1/23/2008: The FBI was directly involved in the DC meetings with the DOJ about Epstein.

Did Mueller attend?

Looks like we have an answer on Epstein’s cooperation with the FBI/DOJ, thanks to great reporting by

The DOJ wanted to prosecute executives instead of a child molester.

DOJ priorities.

That last bit is in reference to a story that Epstein got off by ratting out Bear Stearns execs…meaning that the FBI/DOJ would rather a pedo go free and keep molesting kids than be locked up and risk letting a few corrupt bankers off the hook. What priorities!

The FBI’s reluctance to deal with Epstein might be based in something even worse: as even Joe Rogan has commented on recently, it appears that Epstein was almost certainly an Israeli intelligence asset. So his handlers kept collecting info as he kept sexually assaulting kids, and the FBI/DOJ didn’t do a thing to stop our “closest ally” from being complicit in the sexual abuse of children for intelligence purposes. Sickening stuff.

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