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WOW: Elite School Fights Back after Woke Administrator Caught Pushing Woke Agenda, Attacking White Kids

Schools are finally waking up to the threat posed by wokeness and doing their part to keep it out of classrooms so that students can learn rather than just be programmed by the blue-hairs. Well, some schools are. Others have gone full throttle in pushing wokeness on their students.

One such school doing its part to help students learn by giving wokeness and those who push it the boot is the Trinity School, an elite prep school in New York. News on that came earlier in September from Project Veritas, which reported that:

A New York City private school administrator has been secretly recorded confessing that she sneaks her liberal political “agenda” into the classroom and complaining about “really awful” white Republicans.

Jennifer “Ginn” Norris, who works at the Trinity School on the Upper West Side, was filmed by conservative outlet Project Veritas saying that she tries to “disrupt” wherever she can and that she and other teachers have been “sneaking” their activism in through the cracks.

In the shocking Project Veritas video, she can be heard both verbally attacking white children (whose parents are paying $60,000 a year for them to go there) and pledging to keep things “100% Democratic” when it comes to talking to the kids.

In one part of the video, for example, Jennofer explains how she sneaks wokeness into the classroom despite the wishes of the school leadership, saying: “There’s always groups of teachers who want to do these [activist] things but the administration just wouldn’t let us, So, we’ve been just sneaking things in [through] the cracks.

In another bit, she goes on a verbal tireade about white kids, saying “Unfortunately, it’s the white boys who feel very entitled to express their opposite opinions and just push back. There’s a huge contingent of them that are just horrible. And you’re like, ‘Are you always going to be horrible, or are you just going to be horrible right now?’ Don’t know.

She even went so far as to indicate that she doesn’t think they can be saved, saying: “I don’t know. I think they need to go. I think they’re really awful people. That’s kind of what I’m afraid of with my white students that are rich. I’m like — do you ever have to deal with this? They’re so protected by capitalism. It makes me sad.

Watch her here:

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Well, that was earlier in September and now, after weeks of deliberation, the Trinity School finally took action to deal with Jennifer the white male-hating liberal that was trying to push wokeness on the students.

The school announced that move in a letter posted to social media, saying, in part:

“Our principles are clear: bias of any kind or the threat of violence toward any person or group has no place at Trinity School.”

You can read the full letter here:

As you can read in the full letter, the remaining administrators still stuck generally to the leftist diversity script despite letting Jennifer the white-hater go, saying “We abhor discrimination of any kind and believe strongly that a diverse, inclusive community is vital to providing the kind of education to which we aspire.

But a partial victory is a victory nonetheless. At least she’s gone.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Featured Image credit: Project Veritas YouTube