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WOW: Elderly Homeowner Forced to Defend Home When Intruder Crawls through Window in Broad Daylight

An elderly homeowner in Tulsa, Oklahoma was forced to defend his home and fatally shoot an intruder who had broken into his home in broad daylight.

That intruder, according to a KJRH-TV broadcast (playback of the video has been disabled so you’ll have to click to watch it on YouTube), apparently broke into the house by climbing in through a back window.

The intruder’s breaking in then, predictably, led to a confrontation between the elderly homeowner and the attempted burglar (burglary typically requires the crime to take place after dark and this one was in broad daylight, but the Oklahoma burglary statute does not require a breaking and entering crime take place after dark for it to be burglary), and the homeowner ended up having to defend his property by shooting the intruder.

The intruder then reportedly jumped back out of the window and ran to the front yard of the house, which is where he collapsed. He was dead when the first responders arrived.

The Tulsa Police Department shared news of the event on Facebook, saying:


Today around 12:30 p.m., we were called out to a shooting at 14th and Florence Pl.

When Officers arrived, they discovered that the elderly homeowner shot a burglary suspect who had climbed through the back window and was inside his house.

After being shot, the male suspect jumped out of the window, ran to the front of the house, then collapsed. When first responders arrived, the burglary suspect was pronounced dead.

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This is still an active investigation and we will provide further details as they become available.

Many people on Facebook commented on the post and shared their views on the day’s events, saying things like (note: these comments are meant to reflect what people who saw the incident on FB are saying about it, not to glorify violence or make any claims or statements of fact about the situation):

“Outstanding for the homeowner! Stand your ground! These thugs have gotten out of control with no consequences”

“With crime so rampant, lots of people I know have loaded guns in their homes and carry when away from home. Criminals better take notice.”

“It’s sad when you can’t feel safe in your own home! I believe if you chose to break in[to] a house, then you chose your own death! You took that chance!” 

“This is exactly what needs to happen. We need to protect what we work for and not let these thieves take it.”

“Put a tombstone where he collapsed saying, ‘This is where the last home invader died'”

“Death by lead poisoning in midtown!! “

“Good job Homeowner..he would have got a slap on the hand 3 months jail and do it again….”and he was such a good man and father” always what the family says”

“That was just a few houses from my old house! Glad he got the person that broke in. Sad that he had to die. Hope everyone is well. Take care old neighbor and God bless “

Better that the burglar was harmed than the homeowner. The castle doctrine is very clear on this and he didn’t have to retreat.

So most were supportive of the homeowner’s use of force to defend his castle from the intruder.

By: Gen Z Conservative