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WOW: Brandon Threatens 2nd Amendment Supporters, “You Need an F-15” [WATCH]

NOTE:  This article contains commentary that reflects the opinion of the author.

Joe Biden (I won’t even give him the respect of calling him “president” at this point) has received huge backlash on social media after his recent attack on you and your God-given Second Amendment rights at a Pennsylvania rally.

Biden, in his infinite senility, stumbles through a barely coherent sentence saying, “For those brave right-wing Americans… if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something little more than a gun.”

Watch the video here:

Many have even interpreted this as a direct threat to right wing Americans who embrace the Second Amendment and the spirit of 1776 on which this nation was founded:  fighting a tyrannical government that is infringing upon your constitutional rights.

My favorite take on Biden’s comment comes from Arizona Senate Candidate, Blake Masters, who states, “This is the logic of an authoritarian. We have bombs and missiles, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Therefore surrender your puny guns. No.”

Senior Legal Correspondent at The Federalist, Margaret Cleveland, also commented, “So Safer America means a government threatening itself with F-15’s.”

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First of all do you really need an F-15 to challenge the U.S. military?

I wonder if the Taliban had F-15’s when we spend 20 years fighting them in Afghanistan?  Oh that’s right, they didn’t.

However, Biden decided to leave them $7 billion worth of advanced military equipment from the most powerful army in the world (those are your tax dollars by the way).

Also, I wonder if the Vietcong had F-15’s (or whatever equivalent military capability existed at the time) when we were fighting them in Vietnam.  Oh, they didn’t either?

Anyways, regardless if two inferior military forces managed to fend off the prowess of the United States military, there is a larger point to be made here.

You cannot feasibly control an entire nation with F-15 fighter jets, tanks, air craft carriers, or any other advanced forms of military weaponry.

These are used for killing massive amounts of people, fighting state militaries, and destroying large areas.

The government has no interest in killing all of its civilians and leveling its own cities and infrastructure.  That’s illogical.

Rather, an unchecked government seeks to subjugate the masses.

The only force that can subjugate a nation is a police state that imposes tyranny over its citizens.

It’s not an F-15 closing down your business, prohibiting your right to assemble, or knocking down your door at night to arrest you.

The police state requires people on the ground to carry out this enforcement, which can only effectively happen if civilians are unarmed while they have the weapons.

The citizenry will always massively outnumber the size of law enforcement, especially in America where there are less than 1 million law enforcement officers in an overall population of 330 million.

Even if you included the military with law enforcement they would still be vastly outnumbered.

This is the beauty of the Second Amendment.  Any citizen can be walking around concealing a pistol or any household could be outfitted with AR-15’s to defend themselves against whatever undue force.

So when a police state is not only outnumbered by people but also bullets, it cannot effectively enforce rule over the masses.  This is what the founders had in mind when they wrote the constitution.

This is also why the U.S. has failed to defeat the two examples of insurgencies that are listed above.

Even though having a F-15 parked in my backyard would be really cool, it’s not the point.

This argument of “you would have to have the same technology as the military” is a ridiculous talking point the left uses to make you feel as if your Second Amendment rights are useless and should be forfeited.

Besides, look at the state of America right now.  We have seen unprecedented social unrest and violence, political polarization that we haven’t seen since the Civil War, and certain 3 letter institutions that are supposed to serve the people have demonstrated insurmountable corruption.

In the midst of all this, do you really want to give up your guns?

Remember this question when you vote, because it is a “moderate” liberal opinion to disarm you.


-Macro Conservative