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WOW: Beloved, Trump-Supporting NFL Star to Retire after 11 Years with Patriots, Buccanneers

Now former Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski just announced that he is retiring (again). After coming out of retirement in 2020 to help the Tampa Bay Buccs not only make it to the Super Bowl, but win the Super Bowl, “Gronk”, as his fans affectionately call him, will be retiring again.

Posting about his retirement on Twitter, Gronk said:

I want to thank the whole entire first class Buccaneers organization for an amazing ride, trusting me to come back to play and help build a championship team.

“I will now be going back into my retirement home, walking away from football again with my head held high knowing I gave it everything I had, good or bad, every time I stepped out on the field.

Axios, however, reports that many fans aren’t buying his retirement claims, noting that when tom Brady, another former Patriots player that is now playing for the Tampa Buccs, “retired” he was quickly offered some massive checks, both to come out of retirement and for sports commentary after he does leave football.

Gronkowski was know for being a bit of a party animal and a comedian, with a Boston Herald story about what he did when visiting the Trump White HOuse shedding some light on his humorous side:

America’s Commander in Chief met with New England’s Comedian in Chief at the White House yesterday.

But before that historic summit, a very dapper New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski poked his head into the room hosting Sean Spicer’s daily briefing.

President Trump’s press secretary had just taken a question on the Iran nuclear deal.

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Before Spicer could fully respond, Gronkowski asked: “Need some help?”

The press gaggle giggled.

Spicer glanced toward Gronkowski over his right shoulder and replied, “I think I got this, but thank you.” Gronkowski confirmed Spicer — a Patriots fan — was OK and exited stage right to more collective laughter.

“Thanks man, I’ll see you in a minute,” Spicer said. “All right, that was cool.”

Watch that incident here:

Gronkowski also didn’t put up with the media’s nonsense about President Trump after that White House visit; when asked if he’d disown Trump as a fan, he simply ended the interview, as recorded by Esquire:

The president has become associated with the Patriots. A lot of people have been turned off by that. Do you have an opinion?

We’re just focused on the season. We got a lot of fans. We just gotta be prepared. Big game coming up next week. We love our fans, man. We take on all fans.

So you don’t think there’s anything wrong with the president being associated with the team when he’s such a virulent racist and xenopho—

And on that note, Gronk was done taking questions for the day.

In fact, Gronk even shared a picture of him fist-bumping President Trump with the caption “It was an honor to be in the Oval Office fist 👊 pumping POTUS @realdonaldtrump Making America Great Again 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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