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Would Americans Recognize Tyranny If It Happened Here?

My Answer to “Would Americans Recognize Tyranny?”

Few events have affected the American public’s psyche to the same extent as the Chinese flu. The Chinese flu and the Chinese government’s lies have killed the American economy, caused mass panic, resulted in thousands of deaths, and affected the lives of most Americans. But, worst of all, it has led to lost freedoms in America.

There’s a balance that must be struck when looking at liberty, safety, and the Chinese flu, and right now America’s legislative and executive leaders aren’t striking it. Worryingly, few Americans have spoken out against those restrictions on their liberty, which begs the question- would Americans recognize tyranny if and when it comes to our shores?

Frankly, as of now, my answer to “would Americans recognize tyranny?” is an immediate “no!” Before you say I’m crazy, just think about all that the petty tyrants in state governments have done.

They’ve shut down every business except grocery stores, liquor stores, and a paltry few other businesses. In so doing, they’ve unjustly stripped property away from small business owners and, in a stroke of a pen, hollowed out the wealth of America’s middle class with unending and unnecessary shutdowns.

Had they done that on any normal day, it would be ridiculous to ask “would Americans recognize tyranny?” because there would be blood in the streets. No freedom-loving people would put up with the idiotic and heavy-handed policies of these petty tyrants in state governments. Or, at least I would hope that Americans would revolt in that situation. But, for whatever reason, no one cares as long as what’s done is done under the guise of combatting a pandemic.

Similarly, think of the assaults on our gun rights that have taken place during this crisis. At a time when crime rates will likely skyrocket, no business is more essential than our gun stores, which is why we need to keep the gun stores open. As Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper said, being able to defend yourself is the best way to stop violent crime from affecting you. Similarly, being able to keep and bear arms is the mark of a citizen rather than a subject. Disregarding all of those facts, many state governments conspired to declare gun stores “non-essential” and thus limit the access of Americans to firearms.

Thankfully, President Trump stepped in and stopped that madness because, like President Kennedy, he understands the importance of the 2nd Amendment. Thanks to his leadership, our firearm rights are still respected. But still, our access to firearms was almost severely curtailed by the petty tyrants of state government.

And, worse, few were willing to protest until that was corrected. Had those in states where access to firearms was limited done so, I wouldn’t have to ask “would Americans recognize tyranny?” But, they didn’t. They just let their state governments tyrannize them. That’s a problem.

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The same thing as has happened with firearm rights happened with the Chinese Flu, showing that the answer to “would Americans recognize tyranny?” is “maybe not.” Governors have seized vast and unconstitutional amounts of power in the same way that they did with guns. They then used that power to restrict the rights of their citizens in unconstitutional but unfightable ways. They used their power to restrict and destroy rights, not to protect liberty. That is morally wrong and anti-American.

Conclusion: The Chinese Flu, like Gun Control, Shows that Americans Might Go Along with Tyranny

Unfortunately, this Chinese flu crisis has made it clear that Orwell was right about tyranny and the answer to “would Americans recognize tyranny?” is “no.” Instead, far too many Americans are willing to go along with restrictions on their precious liberty in the name of a little temporary safety, just as Benjamin Franklin warned against. That’s frightening and directly opposed to the American spirit.

Thankfully, Trump is not a tyrant. Unlike Democrat state governors, he wants Americans to live free. Hence why he stepped in to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. However, he can only be in office for so long. Once he leaves, we’ll once again have to remain vigilant and worried about our rights.

By: Gen Z Conservative