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Is He Our Worst President Ever?

Is Joe Biden our worst president ever? He’s certainly feverishly competing for the title. The damage he has created in a failed presidency just over seven months old is monumental. 

It’s not just the shameful and disgusting events in Afghanistan with thirteen troops killed, not to mention the shredding of our international reputation with critics comparing what’s happened in Kabul to France’s ignominious retreat from Vietnam with some labeling Biden’s Afghanistan disaster as America’s Dien Bien Phu.  

There’s also the shame of handing the Taliban a “kill list” of Americans and the abandonment of our Afghan allies, as well as our Bagram military base stocked with an unbelievable amount of weaponry and cash effectively left to the Taliban. Then there’s the enormous feeling of betrayal felt by our allies and so many Americans, including many who voted for him.  

Biden’s seven month record also includes the enormous disaster at our southern border, the total mismanagement of the COVID crisis, shattered trust with Israel, South Korea, our European allies, and potentially Taiwan, trillions of dollars of new debt, the skyrocketing price of oil and gas, the short-circuiting of our self-sufficiency in fossil fuels, and the reemergence of frightening inflation, so starkly contrasted with the Trump era. A current meme floating around the Internet says,  “This is what happens when a man who shouldn’t have the keys to his car is given the keys to the country.”

But even with all this trouble, Biden still ranks below Barack Hussein Obama as the worst president ever. (And Jimmy Carter breathes a sigh of relief as he comfortably slips down to fourth place.) Some historians might also mention James Buchanan for setting the stage for the Civil War, Warren Harding for the corruption and scandals of his administration, and Andrew Johnson who opposed the 14th Amendment.

I now put Biden in a tie with fellow Democrat Lyndon Johnson for second-worst president ever. The repugnant Johnson is remembered for creating the Vietnam War and its 58,000 military deaths, not to mention tens of thousands of others permanently damaged by the conflict. The war badly divided our country, and the repercussions are still being felt. Thousands of anti-war radical leftists who dodged the draft ended up in academia where our leading universities were turned into leftwing indoctrination camps. As if that wasn’t enough, Johnson’s War on Poverty directly resulted in the large-scale destruction of the black American family structure and the creation of what feels like a permanent black urban underclass that finds itself in a simmering war with middle class America — White, Asian and Black. Johnson’s presidency has been accurately described as a racial holocaust.

But so far, the distinction of Worst President Ever still belongs to Obama who, with his unique potential to serve as a major healing force in America, instead ignited the fires of racial discontent, destroying a chance to become a generational American hero. Now his proudly stated goal of “fundamentally transforming” America has been reignited through Joe Biden. Obama’s effort to destroy America has significantly accelerated with Biden’s hapless presidency, regarded by some as Obama’s third term. Obama operatives now pulling the Biden puppet strings include Susan Rice, Ron Klain, Lloyd Austin, Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Jen Psaki and others.

When even the liberal media turned on him, feeble Joe was forced to face up to the disaster he personally caused, admitting the buck stops with him. British journalist Tom Leonard put it this way: “Biden’s faltering, rambling public appearances following the ignominious retreat from Kabul — coupled with the evident fury of Western allies over what has happened in Afghanistan — have been a hammer blow. In my 15 years of reporting from America, I have seldom seen such a sense of shock and disappointment.  Where there was hope, now I see concern — genuine fear that Biden, flailing already at the age of 78, will be here for another three years.”

That fear, we all share. It’s hard to imagine how much worse it can get, but based on the trajectory of Biden’s record, we can expect him to find additional ways to steer us into further disaster. In other words, we are faced with the horror that Kabul Joe is very much in the running to claim the undisputed title of Worst President Ever.  

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But wait, there’s more. Hovering behind him, desperately trying to avoid being tainted by the Afghan debacle as well as the Southern border disaster, California’s own Kamala Harris is rubbing her hands, anxiously waiting for her own shot at the title.

God help us!

By Frank Hawkins, Blue State Conservative

Frank Hawkins is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, Associated Press foreign correspondent, international businessman, senior newspaper company executive, founder and owner of several marketing companies, and published novelist.