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A World without Marxism

I sometimes get tired of writing about the evils of creeping Socialism, the constant battle to recognize the subtle and overt racism of Leftists, the incessant hum of globalist desires and deceit politics.

I get tired of the siren song of nanny-statism with its promises of giving all that you want with no strings attached, knowing that you know that possibility is unattainable. But because you are bombarded by lying media and politicians with pretty lies selling you schmaltz, and a school system that has preached the wonders of rule by a centralized state, it is a real possibility that the most successful and most just society ever to rise on Earth will be forever lost.

Instead, today I will spin a fairy tale, about what the world would be like if Marxism had not gained a foothold in Tsarist Russia, if the ruling family had taken even a small lesson from the dichotomy of the French and American Revolutions; one a well-thought-out and long resisted, ordered and lawful, dissolution of the relationship between two peoples and the other an anarchist stew that boiled over and consumed an out of touch monarchy and the country it ruled.

If Nicholas II of Russia had felt the winds of change and given the common people more grace and autonomy it is possible Mother Russia would have weathered the immediate storm and been able to transition their ancient culture and autocratic rule into a very prosperous market economy, building on reforms made by Peter the Great, and Catherine II.

The Russian Empire had been ruled by only two families, The Rurik which included Ivan the Terrible (only moderately terrible for that point in history and his circumstances) and The Romanov which ended horribly in July 1918 under the Marxist revolution led by Lenin and Trotsky. There were many factors leading up to the revolution including WWI. But, while the Tsar was away at the front the Bolsheviks seized control of the government, but ultimately it was a loss of confidence in the ‘tone deaf’ rule of the inheritor of an Empire that had lasted 300 years that was responsible.

But had Tsar Nick withdrawn from the war or not responded to his alliance with Serbia, after Austria declared war,  knowing that his relative in Germany Wilhelm II was much more powerful and spoiling for war, he might have been able to see that his domestic problems could be diffused with negotiations rather than bloodshed, but when your family has ruled a nation with heredity and strong arm tactics for 300 years it clouds your decision making ability.


In the main, hindsight is not the thrust of this exercise just a primer. One that starts with an (if an) ineffectual Russia had let Serbia be swallowed by the ‘Hun’ with some sabre rattling and a shoring up of domestic tranquility and preparations for the war, a war, that was sure to come to them eventually; because unchecked aggression leads to further and bolder aggression as we learned from the punitive peace treaty wrought after the war this piece tries avoiding.

HeadlineRussia cites ‘army lacking in trained soldiers and modern equipment, including not enough rifles’ as reasons to abandon Serbs to invasion by Austria. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand will be answered by invasion and sublimation of tiny country. Germany stands down attack plans but stands with her ally.

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This moment is heralded by the Western powers as an act of betrayal but no plans are seen on the horizon to take up arms for the Serbs.

In this scenario Russia could have forestalled Germany and Austro-Hungary by ‘game-playing’ communiques with Britain and France, mentioning Napoleon and Waterloo many times, Great Britain and France would have still declared war but without the Russian cannon fodder occupying Germanys’ Eastern Front they would have been forced to sue for peace probably giving up Belgium, Holland and the Low Countries, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania. Add to that some overseas possessions and warmongering Germany could have been assuaged while the forces that stopped Napoleon could fortify their positions and build their armies.

Whatever that scenario brings there is a good chance that the ‘little Paper Hanger’ (actual Hitler) would never have been heard from at all. Six million Jews would not have been exterminated on his orders and WWII would have been a completely different affair, with a different name. Let’s assume for the sake of argument The German, Austro-Hungarian alliance was satisfied with these terms, had pulled back their armies on all fronts and started the process of occupying the newly gained regions.

Russia, which was putting down descension with force hopefully would see that they needed to take the workers as ‘partners’ in factories and farms to build and modernize their defenses for the occasion in the future when Germany and her allies felt restless again.

In modernizing their forces the training of officers to replace the royalty as the middle and upper management of their armed forces would be job one, but if you have ever tried to replace an entrenched bureaucracy that has political power you know it would take a Peter the Great-level ruler, not Nicholas the Sickly that Russia was saddled with at this time.

But again, for the sake of extending this exercise, Nick the Wise looked to his lately formed Duma to sift through every middle manager government official with military tactics training to be the 3-star Command General’ and try to steal a Field Marshall rank officer to oversee overall strategy, sorry Jack Pershing is spoken for, but Germany probably has dozens of qualified officers who would like a promotion. This comes with the added benefit of having been exposed to German tactics and mindset.

Also, if Nick the Wise could, after assessing and addressing his own and his Empires’ shortfalls, look abroad diplomatically to potential allies who could benefit from trading of strengths to shore up weaknesses.

Nick, being wise would see that his only real saleable commodity is a very large but mistrained, under-equipped standing army, lacking good, qualified middle managers. It would occur to me and maybe Nicholas II would also realize the England and France would be better served with a Russian ally that would be a formidable deterrent on the eastern border of the Austro-Hungarian/German war machine. Also, the neutral US could be a good place to go to hire manufacturing capacity.

True, no one really looked at the world as such an interconnected entity at this point in history, but after seeing the intention and capabilities of the Central Powers it might occur to one of these ‘allies’ to look at the world’s ability to wage war a little differently.

In this scenario, the short-lived war between France and Germany in the first battle of Alsace and the Allies’ first encounter with the machine gun it should have been apparent that a search for engineers and manufacturing should be a high priority before anyone else is sent ‘over the top’.

But the most important thing he would do, could possibly do would be to give his people a ruler they could look up to who would look out for their interests, Russias’ interests.

Not as it related to the world stage or some superficial sense of self-worth but the interest of the country he was assigned, by the divine right of kings, and a dynasty that had been hard-won and passed to him as a work in progress to be cherished as a gift, but also as a duty with millions of souls looking to him to make their country the best it can be. To protect them and make their life of peasantry more pleasant, knowing they are stakeholders in the assignment of passing the country on to the next generation of Russians, or Frenchmen in France of Brits in England or Poles in Poland, etcetera.

Sadly, I think these values are something the world has gained from the American experiment and until that has played against the other political theories, rulers like Nickolas would have had to be extraordinary visionaries with political bravery unseen, Winston Churchill would be the best example of that kind of political bravery, but at this time he would not be well known to the Tsar of Russia. If only Nick the Wise could have met and had the wisdom to listen to Winston the Awesome at this time.

It is possible that by looking bad in the near term Nicholas could have saved Russia and as a bonus the Marxist theory would have missed the fertile place and time where that evil doctrine had its only chance to flourish. WWI would have been called the Central Powers aggression of 1915 or some other moniker that would have gone barely noticed in history classes of the next century and there would be an intact European continent from which to conduct the affairs of the world with an American hemisphere still trying to gain access to European culture, markets, technology and finances while avoiding foreign entanglements as proposed by our Founders who were still revered and loved by school children, as each sovereign country should look up to their honored dead for inspiration and guidance.

But sadly, for Nicholas II Emperor of Russia and the rest of the world, he was not that man; not Nick the Wise who remade his country after running headlong into a situation his ability to, order millions of serfs to his will, could not overcome.

He was the last ruler of the Rus who fated his family and his nation to brutal destruction at the hands of an ideology that wants to put the entirety of humanity under their rule.

They seek to depose the sovereignty of the individual, even the ability to think as an individual and to instruct your friends, families, and associates in the things you have learned and let them debate with you using the tools of language, rhetoric, and logic to come to a consensus,  middling or divergence of opinion – or not, and just go separate ways. But the force that the Russian Revolution unleashed on the world is chartered and designed to subjugate and force the entire population of the world to their will. And like the old ruling dynasties it always decays into a ruling class, and their subjects who, without the rule of law, is free to perpetrate whatever brutality they see fit on the subjugated masses.

And I have said many times before, those that somehow think that parlaying with the Communist, Leftists, Socialist, Fascist, whatever you call the ‘Bigger government will fix all of your problems crowd’ or that it will get you a seat at the table or a cushy lifestyle have not paid attention. By being one of the Woke, the Elites, the Progressive, only sticking Communism in just a little bit won’t get you pregnant sect,  have only to look to recent history with the  J.K. Rowling, example. The creator of Harry Potter and darling of the left, fantastically rich and loved by millions, was eviscerated and kicked to the curb for expressing an opinion that was not in line with current woke orthodoxy, even though months earlier it would have been.

And it is endemic of this movement if the goalposts were not moving, they wouldn’t have goals at all. You are to be subjugated at all cost, forced to bend the knee to the will of the ruling elite. You must be made to comply and even if you do as you are told in the vain hope that the machinery of Communism will eat you last, they are ever watchful for a chance to make an example of you too. To destroy the career you have groveled to achieve just to show off the power of the woke or to enforce a new rule of acceptance, that hadn’t even been thought of yesterday, the day when they praised you for being a good little drone, someone who called out the inequities of others, or ‘corrected’ someone who used the wrong pronoun. You were someone who defined ‘the others’, but today…You are canceled.

By: David Gignac. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook