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Woke Sunny Hostin Exposes Her Contempt for Common People in Sickening Statement

Remember how mask mandates were all about “saving grandma?” If you believed that, the joke is on you.

Sunny Hostin just admitted (minute five of the clip) that mask mandates were required to protect nobody else, but people like her. And it has nothing to do with Covid, mind you. Sunny Hostin wants you to wear a mask because she doesn’t like you:

“But I think when it comes to mask mandates, they’re there because people just aren’t great people.”

Sunny is upset that when the Covid pandemic “emergency” ends, she “has to get on the plane with other people.” That is, of course, if you believe that Sunny ever flies with “other people.” She really does not. She is upset, because, on her 5-minute trip from a limo to her private jet with lavender drapes and Don Perignon, she may walk by a woman who is not wearing Chanel #5. This is a traumatic experience for any Hollywood liberal, so just like Sunny, they are all in panic:

“I want the masks!  I want the masks! Aahh!”

The only reason Gavin Newsom was hanging out at French Laundry while he locked his loyal subjects at their houses for a year was to minimize his chance of meeting “a smelly K-mart shopper.”

Here is Ron DeSantis exposing the mask mandate hierarchy:

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“You have 500 people at a dinner, not wearing masks… is it really going to make a difference to have 15 waiters wearing masks?  It’s like a two-tiered society: they always want to have a servant class to have to do all this, but they have the other class.  They can lecture you about wearing masks, but they don’t wear masks themselves.”

Here is Stacy Abrams and Kamala Harris proving that Ron DeSantis is always right.

For two years, while you were struggling to manage your Zoom work meetings and your kid’s “virtual learning,” Gavin Newsom’s kids attended an in-person private schoolNancy Pelosi visited fancy hair salonsLori Lightfoot maintained her personal hygiene, (because her celebrity status calls for it, and nobody cares what you look like)  and Sunny Hostin was having a private screening of a latest Hollywood flick with her 100 closest friends.

And when the Covid “emergency” is over, the Hollywood elites are not about to give up their right to lecture you about the virtues of sacrifice from a pool deck of their Malibu mansions.

Every day, they bravely venture into the real world and face “Covid super spreaders that are breathing all over them with their Covid breath!”  So, out of respect for their act of heroism, just have the decency to put a mask on when you are facing them!

If you wonder what the ladies of The View looked like at the start of their career, here is a glimpse:

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