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Woke Prince Harry Makes SHOCKING Claim about America

As many of you remember, the Woke Prince Harry (well, former prince, I guess) moved to California with his wife, Meghan Markle, because she didn’t like the “duty” aspects of royal life. Apparently, having to learn the British national anthem and certain hymns was just too much for the former actress.

So, the actress and whipped husband moved to America and off the royal dime, living as “normal people” in a multi-million dollar mansion. Then they muttered something about how racist America is, despite having come her voluntarily.

Continuing the saga of the woke couple, the duo then more or less disappeared from public life other than a brief spat about security, overshadowed in their misdeeds and general unpleasantness by Prince Andrew, the pedo prince. Bad as woke royals are, raping children is worse, so Andrew was the royal in the news.

But now that he’s settled with his main accuser from the Epstein days and disappeared from public life once again, now Harry and Meghan are back in the news, this time making a claim about America: now it’s “home.” As the BBC reports:

But what did seem clear is that Prince Harry sees his future as being in the United States, at least for the time being. Never mind the royal genes, it’s jeans and sunshine for now.

With a young family now growing up in California, it has the feel of putting down roots.

That claim about California being “home” stems from what the former prince said in his interview with the BBC. In his words:

You know, home – home for me now, is, you know, for the time being, in the states.

And it feels that way as well. We’ve been welcomed with open arms, and we’ve got such a great community up in Santa Barbara.

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Further, when asked “So you feel like that’s home more for you?”, Harry just nodded and said “yeah.”

That’s shocking because this is America, and it broke away from the royal family. Were Harry and Meghan hanging out in the Bahamas or some other place without the history of war with Britain, perhaps it would seem less odd for Harry to be calling it “home.” But it’s not, and close as the “special relationship” between the two countries is, it’s still odd for a former British royal to be putting down roots in America.

Regardless, Harry and Meghan seem to be settling into their lives as “normal” people well; with a fortune of $60 million that Harry inherited from his mother, Dianna, and deal with Netflix to help replenish the formerly royal coffers, the duo are able to live in a ritzy area of California and rub elbows with other commoners, such as Oprah.

Meanwhile, like others of their class, they prattle about climate change and such while living the high life rather than living in a dingy apartment to limit their “carbon footprint.” On second thought, perhaps it makes sense that the two seem to be putting down roots in California: they’re acting just like the rest of its mega-rich, leftie residents!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.