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Wokeness Rule the Waves? US Navy Added “How to Be an Anti-Racist” and Other Woke Books to Its Reading List

Our Joke of a Navy Added How to Be an Anti-Racist to Its Reading List

Perhaps I just missed it, but, as I’m a voracious consumer of political news, I think this issue has been quite unreported: the US Navy added How to Be an Anti-Racist to its reading list.

That’s right, the Navy, the organization that will probably be most responsible for waging war against Red China, isn’t focusing on say, getting its officers to read The Two-Ocean War or Mahan’s famous The Influence of Sea Power Upon History. Instead, it’s having them read overtly racist literature. That, especially when paired with pregnant pilots, should help them defeat the Reds.

According to Roger J. Maxwell at the National Review, Admiral Michael Gilday released the new version of the Navy’s Professional Reading Program on Feb. 23rd of this year. That program is a long-standing naval tradition that curates suggested readings for servicemen in the Navy and is ostensibly meant to educate sailors on warfighting and lessons of the past.

So, what books were added this year? Well, Maxwell gives three examples of the sort of woke nonsense the Navy is pushing on its sailors:

“Ibram X. Kendi’s overly wrought screed How to Be an Antiracist somehow landed on the admiral’s book list. Writings in a similar vein appear on the list as well, including Jason Pierceson’s Sexual Minorities and Politics, as well as Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow.”

The woke Navy, rather than teach its officers and sailors how to think and fight more effectively is instead pushing leftist racial propaganda on them. Sounds like that’ll be incredibly effective!

And that’s not all. According to The Blaze, the Navy has fought back against lawmaker attempts to remove works that are political in nature from its reading list. For example, according to that Blaze article, Rep. Jim Banks (R- Ind.), who is both in the Navy Reserve and the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel, where he is the ranking member, described Kendi’s screed as “explicitly anti-American” and said it shouldn’t be on the list in an attempt to get the Navy to reform that reading list.

But the woke Admiral isn’t budging. Fox News said that the Admiral wrote a letter in response to lawmaker complaints in which he said that How to Be an Anti-Racist would remain because “it evokes the author’s own personal journey in understanding barriers to true inclusion, the deep nuances of racism and racial inequalities” and he wants sailors to self-reflect in the same way. Rep. Banks, for his part, responded by saying that Admiral Gilday’s note “shows he is not serious.” Bravo, Rep. Banks.

Now, perhaps I’m missing something. But I didn’t see a single word in that wokespeak-filled letter that mentioned warfighting. Please correct me if I’m wrong. But I think I’m right. And what that shows is that our military is now firmly in the hands of the woke tyrants. The Navy, like the Air Force and Marines, is no longer focused on warfighting. It’s focused on woke nonsense. That should end well.

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