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Never Bow to the Woke Mob

Why You Must Stand Up for Yourself and Never Bow to the Woke Mob

One of the biggest stories of the past week, a story that shows clearly why you should never bow to the woke mob, was the NYT’s unprovoked attack on one of its science journalists, Donald McNeil Jr. Here is what the New York Post, a more reliably pro-free speech outlet, reports happened:

“McNeil, who spearheaded the paper’s coverage of COVID-19, admitted in a statement that he used a “racial slur” — though said it was in the context of quoting a student who had asked “whether I thought a classmate of hers should have been suspended for a video she had made as a 12-year-old in which she used” the term.”

So, in simpler terms, he said a word he shouldn’t have while trying to explain to a group of woke kids the intricacies of using such a term. Then, they promptly reported his good faith attempt to parse the issue rather than issue a blanket condemnation that everyone knows would have been ludicrous.

Much ink has been expended and digital characters typed trying to either defend or condemn the NYT’s removal of Mr. McNeil. I think that’s missing the point. The cost of working for a far-left company like the NYT is that you will likely be purged in a Stalinistic fashion if you ever offend one of your unreasonably woke co-workers or customers.

That lesson should have been learned during the James Damore fiasco, where a Google employee was fired for writing a memo outlining why men tend to thrive in the tech field in a way that women don’t. He wasn’t being sexist or lying; everything in the report was cited by authentic studies and made intuitive sense to the intellectually honest. But, like McNeil, he offended the woke mob and was flayed alive after being cast out into the darkness.

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No, rather than being a case study in the dangers of speaking the truth, a topic which we already know about, the lesson of the McNeil case is that we should never bow to the woke mob. Why is that?

Well, after the attacks on him began, McNeil tried to apologize. He created a shamefully debasing apology video in which he said:

“To understand what was in the video, I asked if she had called someone else the slur or whether she was rapping or quoting a book title. In asking the question, I used the slur itself.

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“I should not have done that. Originally, I thought the context in which I used this ugly word could be defended.

“It is deeply offensive and hurtful. The fact that I even thought I could defend it itself showed extraordinarily bad judgement. For that I apologize.”

His humiliating apology also included his saying:

“My lapse of judgment has hurt my colleagues in Science, the hundreds of people who trusted me to work with them closely during this pandemic, the team at ‘The Daily’ that turned to me during this frightening year, and the whole institution, which put its confidence in me and expected better.

So for offending my colleagues — and for anything I’ve done to hurt The Times, which is an institution I love and whose mission I believe in and try to serve — I am sorry. I let you all down.”

That apology to the woke mob was breathtakingly humiliating and dumb.

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For one, what he said wasn’t offensive nor was it hurtful, which is what makes the apology so humiliating. He was simply trying to ascertain the facts of the situation before jumping in and expressing his opinion, something that more of us should strive to do. Saying a word, even a slur, in a way that isn’t meant to be hurtful shouldn’t be a crime punishable by firing, much less by the ritual flagellation that McNeil has received. Apologizing meant he accepted those absurd punishments as his due penance.

More importantly, by apologizing to the insatiable woke mob, McNeil made his fatal mistake. Had he stood up to the woke mob, he might have survived. By not admitting guilt, he would have forced the woke and his defenders to look at the facts of the situation and argue over the facts rather than over vague ideological terms. Any reasonable investigation of those facts would have found, as many now have, that he did nothing wrong. He was just trying to answer a question, not denigrate or verbally assault anyone.

But those are the facts and the facts don’t matter to the woke mob. All it wants is blood. Like a shark that smells a small droplet of blood in the vast ocean or a crouching lion stalking a weakened gazelle in the Serengeti, the woke mob knows how to sense weakness and relentlessly attack it as part of its attack on anyone to the right of Mao. Bowing to the woke mob, as McNeil did, earns you no goodwill. That should be self-evident in his story. All apologizing does is encourage that mob to keep pressing because an apology shows your weakness of spirit.

The left, the most radical and vocal members of which comprise the woke mob, isn’t full of people with strong wills or constitutions. They can’t bear a stand-up fight, or even a small, verbal disagreement, as shown by the way they try to sneakily change our vocabulary in the shadows rather than fight battles of ideas on the vast battlefield of the culture war. Fighting them forces them to back down. If you stand up for what you have said and refuse to apologize or admit wrongdoing, then they’ll go away and pursue a weaker target instead. Vultures don’t hunt healthy animals after all; they only eat the weak or dead.

Think of the woke mob like a flock of vultures. If you appear weak, it will devour you.
Think of the leftist mob like a flock of vultures. If you appear weak, it will devour you.

That is the lesson of the McNeil situation. I don’t particularly care that he was fired. He was the Covid reporter for the New York Times, so he and I likely have absolutely nothing in common. We can’t waste time calling foul every time leftist buzzards eat one of their own. But the lesson to be learned from his unfortunate situation is an important one. If you’re ever accused, don’t bow down to the woke mob. Fight back against it with all of your strength.

Conservatives have to change their culture war mindset. We still act like we’re dealing with honest opponents that have a different view of the world as ours, but still see themselves as Americans and hope to preserve the ties that bind us. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fools, frauds, and firebrands of the new left, the people Ben Shapiro describes as “disintegrationists,” have no desire whatsoever to preserve the union and maintain the current way of life in the US. They hate free speech, hate America, and, most importantly, hate you. And if they ever sense weakness, they will pounce.

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So, don’t show weakness. Don’t present them with an unarmored area that they can bite into. If you ever said something wrong, deny it or defend it. If you’ve done anything wrong, deny or defend it. Apologizing might seem like the right, moral thing to do, but thinking that way is a mistake. Apologies with earn you no goodwill with the left and will make the right unwilling to stand up for you. No one wants to risk fighting for a weakling. Whatever you do, you can’t give the woke mob an opening by means of which it can attack you because make no mistake, it will. And by the time its fangs sink into you, it’s too late.

We must fight the culture war right now and with everything we’ve got. The woke mob knows no bounds and will destroy us and our nation if we don’t fight back against it. Even McNeil, a leftist working for the NYT, wasn’t good enough for it. It will hunt you down if you let it. The only way you can stop that is by committing yourself to never bowing down to the woke mob. Don’t bend the knee. Raise the black flag instead.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Vulture image from: By Mario Modesto Mata – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,