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Why Does the Woke Military Keep Losing? Just Look at What It’s Focused On

While I’m not a huge fan of Ben Shapiro (he’s far too much a corporate conservative), he does occasionally make some great points. His takes on systemic racism and how to succeed in America are particularly good, as is this one on the woke military.

Just think about what the priorities of the woke military have been as of late.

It spent time designing a flight suit for pregnant women and, when the wisdom of that resource expenditure was questioned, united to slander and viciously attack Tucker Carlson online. Rather than defend its idiotic decision or, better yet, focus its cyber capabilities on the Chinese or Russians, it waged war against a talk show host…and lost (that losing becomes a recurrent theme in our woke military’s modern history).

Then there was the disgraceful ad in which the Army highlighted and praised all of its soldiers with deranged sexual desires (and the CIA joined in with an equally woke commercial of its own). Leonidas and the Spartans these effeminate homosexuals are not. Turns out a pink p***y hat and rainbow flag are better than Kevlar and an airstrike…who would have guessed?

Oh, and instead of buying much-needed ships and fighters, the Pentagon is spending billions on sex changes for troops. Hopefully it has some money left over after leaving billions of weapons in Afghanistan.

And has it gotten its shit together and focused on fixing all of its many issues, especially the problem of obese troops and falling apart equipment? Again, nope. Instead, Lloyd Austin and his CRT-loving generals have the woke military focused on…you guessed it, white supremacy. As if that was a problem in 21st Century America.

The effects of all those poor decisions from the imbeciles in charge of our woke military have been disastrous. We lost to the Taliban, a motley group of a few thousand goat-herders stuck in the Dark Ages. Somehow they won despite not forcing each new terrorist to undergo a gender studies course. Shocking.

And, now that they were chased out of Afghanistan by our military, can the troops in the woke military even evacuate Americans from that hellhole? Nope. They decided to leave Bagram, so we don’t have much of an airbase to evacuate people from, and they’ve decided to prioritize getting Afghanis out of there rather than Americans. Such decisions are ones only a confederacy of dunces could make.

These are the wages of wokeism. As Trump recently said, “everything woke turns to shit.” Well, the American military went woke. And now what used to be the greatest fighting force known to man can’t even beat a ragtag terrorist organization.

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By: Gen Z Conservative