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More Woke Companies to Avoid: List #2

This past January, I published the article “12 Woke Companies to Avoid.” My friends over at Blue State Conservative, recognizing that the problem has somehow gotten far, far worse since then, added 12 more companies to it, which they published here. I’m reprinting it with their permission. Enjoy!

[Note that prior to explanations and justifications for each company, we’ve listed the official company name, its stock trading symbol, the industry in which the company operates, and the company’s annual gross revenue and market cap (if available), with all figures represented in millions.]

#13: Amazon Inc  Sym: AMZN  Internet Commerce  Rev: $386,064  MC:$1,623,403         

Amazon removed the well-researched and reasonable book on the transgender debate “When Harry Became Sally” from their site. Then, in January, they participated in shutting down Parler, erroneously blaming the right-wing social media site for the January 6th Capital Riot. And their entertainment division is as woke as any of the other Hollywood clowns, playing numbers games with casting in the name of equity, and promoting the tired, woke subject matter we see everywhere nowadays.

CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos tries to appeal to conservatives on some levels, but when crunch time comes, he’s as woke as anyone else in Big Tech. Don’t feed the monster, particularly now as we head into the Christmas shopping season. Buy local, if at all possible. If you must shop online, go directly to retailers, or perhaps alternatives such as, depending on what merchandise you’re looking for. As a last resort, try, which offers a similar shopping experience to Amazon. But stay away from Ebay and Alibaba.

#14: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Stores   Sym: WMT    Retail – Supermarket        Rev: $559,151    MC: $394,672

This one isn’t easy to stay away from. They’re convenient, their low-priced, and they’re everywhere we look. While Wal-Mart was once demonized by the left for being big, bad, mean old capitalists, times have changed; dramatically. The largest retail chain in the world is now woke. Whether it be with guns, or with the transgender debate, or with their affection for the Chinese Communists, Wal-Mart is trying to cash in on wokeness at every turn. Just last month we became aware that the company is training its employees in Critical Race Theory (CRT), denouncing our great country as being a “white supremacy system.”

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It may take you some extra time, and you might have to pay a little more, but support your local retailers. They’re the ones who sponsor your local parades and little league teams, and they are likely much better aligned with your values.

#15: American Express

American Express Co.  Sym: AXP  Finance/Misc Services   Rev: $38,185   MC: $117,420

American Express is amongst the wokest of the woke when it comes to corporate America. They are all-in on their calls for “racial justice,” and were among some of the most vocal companies last year with their support of the Marxist Black Lives  Matter movement. Their training of employees in CRT includes all the buzzwords, including the dreaded “anti-racism,” and AmEx has gone so far as to call capitalism itself “racist,” which is pretty ironic coming from a company that thrives on capitalism.

There are plenty of alternatives to American Express, and we’re not just talking credit cards. Options such as Venmo and other cash apps work just as well as AmEx, and if you use American Express travel services, you should stop. There are plenty of options there as well. Just do a search at DuckDuckGo, and you’re sure to see plenty of options.

#16: Coca Cola

Coca Cola Co.    Sym: KO         Soft Drinks                         Rev: $33,014      MC: $229,212

Along with being an American icon, one of the most recognized companies in the world is also one of the wokest. Earlier this year, an employee took screenshots of racial sensitivity training which included PowerPoint slides explaining “What it Means to Be White” and how to “Try and Be Less White.” Their instructions on how to be less white included these gems: “be less oppressive, be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be less ignorant.” Is that woke enough for you? Remember this “training” next time you’re trying to decide what to drink with that burger.

Not only are there plenty of unwoke alternatives, there are also much healthier alternatives. Grab a bottle of water, or perhaps sparkling water. Order an iced tea, the real kind, not the bottled kind. Do it for your health and do it for your country. Coca-cola doesn’t deserve your money.

#17: Burger King

Burger King, Inc.              Sym: QSR       Fast Food             Rev: $4,970         MC: N/A

Burger King (BK) is actually a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International (RBI), a Canadian/American company. The stock symbol above is for RBI, as BK is not traded separately, despite being one of the most popular fast-food brands in the country. While many of the fast-food giants are woke, BK is clearly the wokest. Not only did they vocally support Black Lives Matter, they made a financial donation to them (and so did Wendy’s and McDonald’s, by the way). BK also launched a campaign this past June during which they donated forty cents to an LGBTQ group for every chicken sandwich they sold. And let’s not forget their promotion of the anti-free-speech Net Neutrality nonsense from few years ago, when they included their activism in a commercial for their Whopper sandwich.

As mentioned, wokeness seems to be inherent to fast-food companies; perhaps it has something to do with all those calories. Instead of supporting them, get a sandwich at a local sub shop. Or stop at a local diner. If you must go with fast food, opt for the least woke which must be Chick-Fil-A, which is at least true to its professed Christian ideals and does not open on Sundays.

#18: United Airlines

United Airlines Holdings     Sym: UAL     Transportation     Rev: $15,355      MC: $19,246

If you don’t stay away from United Airlines because of their wokeness, stay away from them for your own safety. In April, the airline announced, “Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people onboard our planes every day. That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color.” Not only is United’s plan racist and sexist, by specifically discriminating against white men, it’s also idiotic. Ask yourself this question: When you get on a plane, is your preference to have a woman or person of color flying the plane, or is it to have the most qualified person possible, regardless of genitalia and melanin levels?

Admittedly, shopping for plane tickets almost always begins and ends with the price. It’s not cheap to fly. But there are plenty of regional carriers to consider, many of whom are very reasonable. And there’s also Southwest Airlines if they’re available.

#19: American Airlines

American Airlines Gp     Sym: AAL    Transportation       Rev: $17,337      MC: $15,431

Yes, another airline. American Airlines, based in Texas, didn’t hold back from criticizing the new Texas Voter Law earlier this year, stating they weren’t just opposed, they were “strongly” opposed. Again, for those who don’t remember, the only thing that law suppressed was voter fraud. In late 2020, not only did AA support BLM, they provided pins supporting the group for their employees to wear. And perhaps most indicative of their wokeness is AA’s bragging about earning “A perfect score on Corporate Equality Index,” which they claim was due primarily for their over-the-top support of LGBTQ issues.

If opportunities present themselves to you to choose an airline other than American… or United… you should do it. Flying on these airlines means you’re putting money into the coffers of woke activists who have no respect for you or our country.

#20: Nabisco

Mondelez International Inc.    Sym: MDLZ          Food      Rev: $25,870      MC: N/A

Nabisco is a subsidiary of Mondelez International and the numbers above reflect those of the parent company. A year ago, when the country was reeling from the COVID pandemic and racial unrest, Nabisco proudly announced a $500,000 donation to the anti-American, Marxist BLM movement and the NAACP. Then, in February, the Twitter account of Oreo cookies (yes, cookies can have Twitter accounts, apparently) felt compelled to jump into the transgender debate by tweeting a picture of various cookies with an assortment of rainbow-colored fillings instead of the traditional white filling, a nod to the Pride flag. That tweet also included the statement, “Trans people exist.” Thanks for the clarification, Nabisco.

Nabisco products include Trident Gum, Triscuit, Mallomars, and Chips Ahoy: obviously some of the most popular brands in the country. But there are alternatives. Buy local products, or store-made substitutes. There are plenty of options.

By The Blue State Conservative Team