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Woka Cola: Woke Coke Doubles Down and Pledges to Only Hire “Diverse” Law Firms

Woke Coke Will Only Hire Law Firms that Meet Its Racial Preferences

Well, I thought that Woke Coke might back down after word broke about its insanely racist anti-racism training. During that training, as a reminder, Woka Cola (allegedly) told its employees to “be less white.” People like me promptly called for conservatives to boycott Coke and many patriots did so. Even better, Coke got a ton of bad press.

So, did the company’s C-suite realize their error and change their ways? Nope, they’ve doubled down on the anti-white nonsense and have pledged to only hire law firms that meet their racial preferences. John C. Calhoun, Jefferson Davis, and Adolf Hitler would be ecstatic with the idea, if not the criteria currently named by Woke Coke.

So they can’t delete the letter once it becomes politically inconvenient to be associated with it, I’ve included copies of that letter. Read them here:

Bradley Gayton, Woke Coke’s Senior Counsel, described the letter in this manner on a LinkedIn post:

“This week, the Coca-Cola legal department shared the letter below with our outside counsel. It details our commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging, including new requirements for all law firm partners moving forward.

While bold, they are necessary and long overdue if we are going to impact the stagnant progress on diversity within our profession. The time has come for us to stop championing good intentions and motivations, and instead, reward action and results. Quite simply, this is now an expectation.

My hope is that our law firm partners view this as an opportunity to effect real systemic change and that others, both within and outside of the legal profession, take inspiration and join with similar commitments of their own. Together, there is endless good we can do.

As I admit in the letter, our plan is not perfect, but it is a start that I believe offers greater promise of success. I look forward to the partnership of likeminded law firms on the road to parity. I challenge you to join us in enacting meaningful change.”

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For those that don’t want to try to sort through Woke Coke’s nonsense, here’s what that really means: Coke feels bad about some vague misdeeds of some vague “bad guys” from the past, so it’s trying to hire more black people. While there are a wide array of problems with Woke Coke’s strategy, the one that most stands out to me is the irony of them creating a racist hiring system in order to fight racism.

There are two other problems, both of which Breitbart wrote about in an article it published on the subject.

One is that the percentage of blacks Woke Coke is calling for, 30%, is about double their proportion of American society. So, Woka Cola isn’t even calling for equity, much less equality. It’s calling for openly biased hiring practices to boost the proportion of black lawyers it hires in an inorganic manner.

The other problem, relating to that one, is that what Woke Coke wants the law firms it hires to do, create a racial quota for the lawyers they hire, is probably illegal, according to Breitbart:

“This puts law firms in a terrible position. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act makes it illegal to make employment decisions because of race. If a qualified non-diverse lawyer applies for a job at one of these firms and is passed over because of his or her skin color, that law firm could face a federal lawsuit.

While various employers have used some form of racial preferences for years, this crosses into dangerous territory because this kind of paper trail would become evidence of a deliberate policy to make explicitly race-based hiring decisions. Coca-Cola is painting a target on those firms’ backs.”

In any case, these policies are disgusting. Employment is supposed to be open to anyone regardless of race, religion, or creed. Now, in the same way Germans refused employment opportunities to Jews or Southerners refused employment opportunities to blacks, Woke Coke is pressuring law firms to unjustly refuse employment opportunities to whites. Boycott Woka Cola!

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