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In Modern Day “Wokeness,” Not Even the Left is Safe

Whenever we hear about a “woke” person making an attack on a certain victim, that victim is usually the stereotypical straight white male. This results in our opinion that today’s PC culture affects said white males, but what if I told you that if the “Progressive” culture succeeds in oppressing their “oppressors”  they will then have to target themselves.

If you don’t believe me, I have three examples below that will show how the left is not stable enough to keep allies within itself and can implode as quickly as it has formed an alliance.

Feminism vs. the LGBT

Starting  with the most basic form of division we have the radical feminists vs the LGBT. Many radical feminists still are logical enough to know that a biological male transitioning into a female is still going to keep his XY chromosomes, these radical feminists are called Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF’s for short) and there have been times these types of feminists have spoken in conventions typically meant for conservatives. Similarly, we have the Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists (SWERF’s) who are as the name follows against sex work which many of the LGTB community would argue for. Which once again, many would rather speak at a conservative convention in comparison to an LGBT rally.

Feminism vs. Race

Second, we have the clash between Feminism and Race, theorist who spends their time with Critical Race Theory and Marxism would point out the top feminist talking heads typically are Caucasian females. They would argue that Feminism mostly benefits white women rather than women in general. The clearest example of how Critical Race Theorists  and Feminism cannot intertwine has to be the 2019 women’s march, many of these marches were canceled because the participants were according to the Washington Post “Overwhelmingly White.” Therefore Feminists are at a deadlock, they could point out that the majority of Critical Race Theorists tend to be men; of course, this could result in the feminist being called a racist if she poorly chooses her words. It also doesn’t help that these same feminists are the ones who would cross the other side of the road when seeing a male, which suddenly turns into a microaggression if said male tends to be a giant person of color.

The LGBT vs. Race

Finally, we have the battle between racism and the LGBT. To start off, it is known that black trans folk are disproportionately killed compared to their white counterparts in addition to being twice as likely to live in poverty. While Black history month is based more on remembering the hardships that black communities have experienced throughout their lifetimes, pride month has become more of a way for big companies to sell merchandise. Hence the black community would say that those in the LGBT are not doing enough for equality when it comes to the safety of minorities, that pride is more focused on the pride of oneself rather than the pride in helping others.


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There is no doubt that the alliance between these three groups is solely based on having similar enemies, that enemy being the successful white male. Once these groups decide that their enemy is no longer a threat, then these three groups will have to attack each other as they will realize that silencing the white male was not the cause of their “oppression.” Thus it is true that if everyone decides to go woke, then everyone will be broke.

From: Right Wire Report