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An Incredibly Relevant Winston Churchill Quote about Enemies

The Winston Churchill Quote about Enemies:

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill quote about enemies

My Take: Don’t Be Afraid to Have Enemies

I think that this Winston Churchill quote about enemies is a great one for every conservative to know and remember. Standing up for what you believe in can be dangerous in the modern-day. SJWs, liberals, radical professors, and others will all attack you for speaking the truth. They’ll try to use cancel culture and political correctness to ruin your life, hoping that they can silence you by making you fear them. Even things that used to be universally accepted, such as capitalism, are now under assault.

And speaking out against the liberal assault on those tenants will lead only to harassment and the potential of being physically attacked. You might be smashed in the head with an Antifa bike lock or concrete-filled milkshake like Mr. Ngo was in the latest crime of Antifa. Or doxxed and harassed online like many other conservatives. Or the Big Tech social media giants can strip you of your online presence at a snap of their fingers, making all the work you put into your social media presence moot simply because you defended conservatism. It is a dangerous time to be an outspoken conservative and stand up for what you believe in.

That danger is why speaking out is so important. We can’t let tyrants like the members of Antifa or the cancel culture mob on your college campus win this battle. Their goals are evil and un-American. We have to fight back against them in this battle of the culture war.

As is said in this Winston Churchill quote about enemies, doing so will probably lead to your having enemies. Leftists around the country will hate you and want to ruin your life because you’re standing up to them and defending American values. I’m sure I will make enemies by having this blog. Liberals don’t like knowing that there are people out there that fight against their narrative and try to preserve Western civilization.

Knowing that conservative college students exists makes them particularly mad and is why they try to shut down free speech on college campuses. But standing up to those tyrants will also mean that you are doing what is right. It means that you are standing up for your values, the traditional values of Western civilization, despite liberal opposition. Standing up for your right to free speech is crucially important. So do it!

If you don’t, if you start holding back your opinions out of fear, then you have let them win. If we don’t start pushing back against their radical, anti-American agenda, then their might not be much of a country left to live in.

I get it. You have a job that you don’t want to lose. Your significant other is more to the left than you are and you don’t want to offend them. Perhaps you are a college student and, although you agree with this Winston Churchill quote about enemies in theory, you don’t want to have to live it out in real life because doing so would lead to you being harassed by some blue-haired radical on your campus. Or maybe, like most Republicans (up until Trump and the MAGA movement), you just don’t like controversy and want conservative values to be implemented without every issue turning into a battle in the culture war.

But the days when you could get away with thinking that way are long gone. America has entered a new political era and we conservatives can no longer stand idly by and watch leftists destroy our country. We have to take this Winston Churchill quote about enemies to heart. Yes, there are many good Democrats out there that just have different ideas about what policies would be best; I think that they are good people and are not the problem. But they are not who I am talking about; I’m talking about leftists. You know the type, they’re the weak-looking and emaciated (or horribly overweight) people that start screaming and threatening violence when someone presents a different opinion.

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Those are the people that we conservatives must not be afraid to fight against. They’re out to ruin America. Yes, fighting them will lead to controversy and people putting you on their enemies list. But read this Winston Churchill quote about enemies closely. Who would you rather be- someone who stood up for something or someone who didn’t? Now is the time to make that decision because there is a lot at stake right now, and it might be determined based on which side shows the most enthusiasm and willingness to stand up for what they believe in.

I know that what I’m asking of you isn’t easy. It’s hard to take this Winston Churchill quote about enemies to heart and stand up to the leftists every day. But I think it’s worth it; doing so is how we will preserve American values and ensure the survival of the nation that our Founding Fathers worked so hard to build. So don’t hold back your opinion and submit to the will of the cancel culture mob. They’re zeroes. They’re meaningless. Instead, stand up for what you believe in and start fighting back against them and their radical, anti-American ideology. Doing so might just save America.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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