Watch: Winning the Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot” With Author and Former Green Beret Jim Hanson

winning the second civil war
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Disclaimer: I haven’t read this book yet but will soon.

This interview, sent to me by longtime reader and guest author David Gignac, is a must-watch for any concerned patriot. America is in the grip of a second civil war, one that might have not turned hot (yet), but that is incredibly pressing nonetheless.

With that in mind, we on the right must learn how to win this war, preferably without it turning violent and battalions of conservatives and progressives facing off against each other like our forefathers at Gettysburg (or, more realistically, like Jesse James and the rest of Quantrill’s Raiders fought a guerilla war without mercy in Missouri). Jim Hanson, in this interview and in his book, explains how the right can do that, how it can take the second civil war seriously and win it without resorting to open combat.

At the very least, you should watch the video. But, if you’re like me, you’ll want to read the book too.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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