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Wind Power Idiocy in Texas

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wind power idiocy in texas

Everything about the wind power idiocy in Texas is utterly ridiculous. For one, there’s the issue the meme addresses- using a huge amount of dreaded “fossil fuels” to defrost the windmills. Then there’s the fact that windmills can have internal heating components that help them not freeze when it gets cold out, but Texas didn’t think it would ever get cold. And. of course, why was Texas, a state with essentially limitless natural gas, splurging on windmills? None of this would have happened had they just used one of the best clean power sources out there- natural gas. The wind power idiocy, and really green power idiocy in general, not to mention the general climate alarmism, needs to end. Natural gas and nuclear power are the future, not massively expensive and utterly unreliable relics from ancient times.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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