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William F Buckley Quote on Liberals and Compulsion

The William F Buckley Quote on Liberals and Compulsion:

“Liberals don’t care what you do so long as it’s compulsory.” – William F Buckley Quote on Liberals and Compulsion

My Take on Liberals, Compulsion, and the Chinese Flu

I think that this William F Buckley quote on liberals and compulsion is completely accurate. It sums up just how liberals act and how much they hate individual freedom and the right of every American to choose how to live out their life the way they see fit. Liberal rulers and their socialist ideology always lead to lost freedoms.

Take the Chinese Flu pandemic, for example. In any rational world, we’d just go about our normal lives with a few warnings given to old and obese people, who are at the most risk. That’s basically what my home state, Georgia, has finally started to do. Or, at least, that’s what it’s about to start doing.

But is that acceptable to liberals, the petty tyrants described in this William F Buckley quote? No. Of course not. They hate freedom and the right to make choices that it brings. They’d rather have a society based on compulsion than the one we have, which is at least nominally based on consent.

As a result of the evil mixing of liberals and compulsion described in this William F Buckley quote, America is dealing with a host of absurd issues. Because of the Chinese flu, our economy has tanked. Because of the Chinese flu and the Big Government response to it, we’re dealing with the usual byproduct of Big Government: corruption in America.

No real Republicans want any of that. Perhaps some of the RINOs, like Marco Rubio or Mitt Romney do. But real, honest conservatives don’t. They want to see the economy reopened.

Liberals, on the other hand, are practically overflowing with glee now that the once-booming Trump economy has tanked. Scumbag politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Stacey Abrams couldn’t be happier that life just got worse for tens of millions of Americans.

But, if you read this William F Buckely quote closely, you’ll understand that their increased standing over Trump isn’t the only reason that they’re happy. No, the real reason is that it’s an excuse for them to start demanding that average Americans live their lives in certain ways.

We have to wear masks. Small businesses have to close. Parks must be unused. Everyone must stay inside. That’s the modus operandi of our friends on the left. “Must” and “have to” are their words of choice. You’ll notice that those works go alongside their affinity for compulsion. Whereas Republicans are speaking about this in terms of “should,” “might want to,” and “would be wise to,” liberals are saying that we “must” do certain things.

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If you’ve read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, then you already know where this William F Buckley quote is coming from. In that book, the leftists demand that industrialists and producers pretend to act like they’re free, whereas in reality they’re constrained by government diktats and perfidious bureaucrats. They’re free to act however they want, as long as it goes along with the government orders.

That’s not how America is supposed to be. We’re the land of the free, not the land of woke mob-enforced compulsion. Unfortunately, due to the trends described in Liberal Fascism, that’s no longer the case. People should distrust the government, but they don’t. Instead, they go along with whatever ridiculous scheme the compulsion-minded bureaucrats and hate-filled leftists come up with.

We need to fix that. Americans are a freedom-loving people. That’s our national spirit. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t a real American. So, based on this William F Buckley quote, it would appear liberals aren’t real Americans. Liberals and compulsion are the opposite of capitalism and freedom. Support capitalism and freedom, America’s real identity, instead.

By: Gen Z Conservative