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Will You Bend the Knee? Or Will You Stand Up and Live Free?

Real Americans should Refuse to Bend the Knee to the Tyrants in Charge


Americans have grown dangerously accustomed to tyranny as of late. Whether that tyranny’s source is the incompetent federal government’s agents, such as Dr. Fauci, tyranny from hypocritical blue state governors, or the tyrannical actions of the Big Tech monopolies, Americans don’t resist anymore. They just bend the knee and go along with it.

Note: I use terms like “American” and “us” frequently in this article. I am neither claiming that I am one of the sheep or that you, dear reader, are. Instead, those terms are used to show how the American public, as a general entity, has lost its spirit of rebellion and respect for freedom.

What “Bending the Knee” Looks Like

When the government says to stay at home, most people stay at home. If some blabbering fool issues a diktat from city hall that demands businesses remain closed, then most small business owners keep their businesses shuttered, even if that means their life’s work and wealth is wiped away. If a censorship-focused social media giant says that it is no longer acceptable to mention voter fraud, as YouTube recently did, then conservatives just sit down and shut up; rather than fight back, then concede and go along with it.

In short, Americans are no longer the rebellious people they once were. Far from fighting for liberty at any price, they bend the knee at the first sign of trouble or controversy. Rather than loving the tempestuos sea of liberty, they prefer the tranquility of slavery.

That drift towards serfdom is, in part, why I started this conservative website. Horrified and disgusted by the acceptance of tyranny around me, I wanted to fight back and shake Americans out of their domesticity.

But it has grown worse in the year and a half that I have been writing. Imagine if, on a sunny day in 2018, you were told that starting in March of 2020 Americans would go along with lockdowns, mask mandates, riots, an economic downturn that was caused purely by government action, trillions dollars of government spending, and a stolen election.

You probably would have revolted in horror and said something along the lines of “Americans would never bend the knee like that! They’d stand up for their business, right to leave their home, and right to a free and fair election!” Oh, how wrong you would have been.

The Regimentation Of American Life Has Made Us Willing to Bend the Knee to Tyrants

The sad fact is that nothing has changed between 2018 and 2020. Americans were just as sedate then as they are now. All else being equal, our reactions would have likely been the exact same.

Why is that? The regimentation of American life has made us far too willing to bend the knee.

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What Life Was Like:

Back before the Progressive Era (which Jonah Goldberg describes quite well in Liberal Fascism), Americans were free to do what they want.

Employers paid what they fought was fair, employees worked for however many hours and for whatever wages they thought were fair.

Children played the games they wanted and were free to interact with each other once their household duties were completed.

If an entrepreneur wanted to start a business, then he or she was free to do so without fear of being strangled by the heavy hand of government action.

People dealt with each other as they wished and suffered the consequences; rather than having cops or lawyers be the immediate arbiters of personal conflict, a demand for a retraction and apology or fisticuffs were.

Americans would not bend the knee because they were so used to being free.

How Regimented American Life Is Now: Americans Constantly Bend the Knee

Now, all of that once glorious freedom and individual liberty is gone.

Business Owners Must Bend the Knee:

Starting a business requires a mountain of paperwork and a small fortune of fees, and that’s if your idea hasn’t already been regulated out of existence by an overeager bureaucrat in the vast federal bureaucracy.

Rather than let you and consumers determine what is best, those self-important agents of the state have decided that they will decide for you. Americans have decided to bend the knee to that bureaucracy and accept the regimentation of business life rather than fight against it and attempt to live free.

Free Speech is Regulated:

Instead of dealing with each other as adults and letting strength and honor be the arbiters of personal conduct, lawyers and cancel culture define the rules of what was once called civil society.

Every word has to be watched, not because someone might challenge you to a fight or prove you wrong (not to mention magnanimously shrug off a perceived slight or insult), but because if you say something that the political correctness tyrants deem “offensive,” then you’re likely to see your career and reputation vanish into a cloud of dust.

Free speech was been regulated out of existence by politically correct tyrants and, once again, we decided to bend the knee and accept those restrictions on free speech. We forgot that, as Patrick Henry said, holding back one’s opinions is treasonous both to your God and your country. The result of that forgetfulness is that now we are routinely punished by the PC tyrants for thought crimes.

Children No Longer are Free to Learn and Explore but Must Instead Constantly Bend the Knee to Authority Figures:

Children are the worst off of all in this brave new world of a regimented and sedate society. Every aspect of their lives teaches them to bend the knee to whatever arbitrary authority figure is in place. Here’s what life is like for a young American:

Did you stick up for yourself at school and finally punch that bully in the nose? Then you’ll be punished for fighting; fighting is never a good thing.

Want to find out for yourself what alcohol or tobacco are like? Well the nanny state, the worst of tyrannies, has said you can’t. Ditto that for any other substance you might be interested in. Sure, the use of those things is no virtue, but Americans have traditionally ingested what they wanted, starting from childhood. Now an interest group like “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” gets to decide what you consume or experiment with.

Worst of all, free time, one of the greatest joys of childhood, has entirely disappeared for most children. In America’s glory days, kids would play pick up sports, king of the hill, and various other games when they weren’t working or in school. They’d explore the woods, go hunting, fishing, or swimming, or play pranks on each other. Life was free and they were able to have grand adventures. Now, from the moment sports are possible, that’s what they are stuck doing. From six years old, they are taught to respect the orders than an overweight coach barks at them from the sidelines.

Gone are the days of a free childhood, when kids could experiment and learn things for themselves. Now, every aspect of their lives teaches them to respect authority. Their time, divided almost entirely between time at school and on the field, makes them more Prussian than American; every day the lesson that they need to bend the knee and submit to authority, or face the consequences, is hammered into them.

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The Result of the Regimentation of American Life

All of that is to say that while it might seem that it is only in the past few months that Americans have grown strangely receptive to authority figures, that isn’t really the case. That process going on for at least a century now.

Since Woodrow Wilson’s time in office, free speech has been limited and demonized, every aspect of life has been regimented, and Americans have been taught to view the government, rather than their personal sense of honor and justice, as both the ultimate and go-to arbiter for most every interaction.

The result is now obvious. Americans are docile and always submit to authority.

Business owners have closed their stores because of lockdown orders even though that means losing everything.

Sheep scream at free-thinkers who won’t put on a mask. We’ve accepted that rioters can loot our once beautiful cities and Democrats can celebrate stealing an election but the stores that haven’t yet been burned and looted can’t reopen.

Starting at an early age, we watch what we say around most everyone and only say what we really think in hushed tones to our closest confidants, refusing to put any of it in print lest it be leaked and used to “cancel” us.

Cowardly Republicans bent the knee to the Democrats and refused to investigate fraud. They were afraid of speaking their minds, so they deserted the American Republic’s last and greatest defender. Now, because most Republicans have given in, all is probably lost.

And for what? What has been gained by our bending the knee?

The Democrats are in charge and, if allowed to continue their obviously fraudulent practices, will likely not have to give up that power ever again.

Not speaking our minds has bought nothing other than a bit more time, as the standards of political correctness grow harsher by the day.

Submitting to government regulations just means that even more restrictive regulations will shortly follow.

So, nothing has been gained and everything has been lost. The decision of most Americans to bend the knee and go along with tyranny, whether related to Covid, speech, education, personal interactions, substance use, or government intervention in the economy, has cost all of us our individual liberty.

And the tyrants will keep coming for whatever small, bright spots of liberty are left. As long as we submit to their diktats, they will keep demanding more and more of us. It’s like Winston Churchill once (perhaps) said:

“When will the lesson be learned, when will the lesson be learned?! How many dictators must be wooed, appeased, good Lord given immense privileges, before we learn? You cannot reason with a tiger while your head is in its mouth!”

Here that is in video form:

Well, as a nation, our heads are in the tiger’s mouth. Yet worse, we have gone along with that tiger’s wishes and decided to bend the knee for so long that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to live free and not have to worry about the tech, political correctness, or nanny-state tyrants.

Conclusion: The Only Solution Is to Resist Tyranny and Refuse to Bend the Knee

Now is the time to stand up and beat those tyrants back. Continuing to bend the knee will, at the very best, just get us more of the same.

Governments will keep telling us to wear masks, close our businesses, stay at home, and pay ever-higher taxes for an ever worse quality of life.

The PC tyrants will keep shrinking the bounds of free speech and canceling us when we don’t go along with their definition of hate speech.

And the tech tyrants will keep stealing and selling our personal information while addicting us to their ever more restrictive platforms.

But that’s just if we bend the knee; there is another path. That path is to follow in the radical footsteps of the Founding Fathers and demand freedom at any price; demand liberty or death.

Prioritize liberty over safety.

Favor free speech rather than restrictions on it, even if those restrictions make people seem nicer.

Demand free enterprise rather than regulated corporatism.

Say what you want and encourage others to do the same.

Rally and protest against voter fraud.

Walk towards the fire, be like Andrew Breitbart and fight the culture war with everything you’ve got.

At this point, giving in and continuing to bend the knee means accepting that the America we think of- a vast land of liberty- is gone. The only solution is to stand up for liberty and individual freedom. So, that means you have to ask yourself. Will you continue to bend the knee? Or will you be a real American and honor your forefathers by standing up for liberty?

There are many good patriots out there who have, so far, refused to bend the knee. If you are one of them, as I expect and hope you are, then continue to stand up for freedom. If you are not, but would like to be, then look up to those that are and try to emulate them. The world we desire can be won, we just have to fight for it.

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