January 22, 2021

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will democrats forget about moderates

Will the Democrats Forget about Moderates in 2020?


One of the lessons of 2016 was that candidates need to appeal to middle America. The “Silent Majority” supported Trump‘s relatively moderate positions on most things, so he won a huge upset victory over Hillary. The other party never learned that, so it’s looking like we have to ask ourselves “will the Democrats forget about moderates in 2020?”

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Since then, Trump has been succeeding as president despite Democrat roadblocks, such as Mueller, James Comey, and impeachment. But still, the Democrats think they can win in 2020. However, it’s become increasingly obvious that their plan to do so is to nominate the most radical socialist possible. That brings me to my main point, which is, will the Democrats forget about moderates in 2020?

Unsurprisingly, I’m not the only one who’s been thinking about that. Salena Zito of American Consequences (edited by PJ O’Rourke), had a similar train of thought. Zito’s article, “Will the Democrats Miss Middle America Again?” is a well thought out, reasoned answer.

So, rather than trying to answer “will the Democrats forget about moderates in 2020?” on my own, I’ll use Zito’s article. It’s far better than what I could come up with. Enjoy!

Read the article here: https://americanconsequences.com/will-the-democrats-miss-middle-america-again/

Summary of Zito’s Article:

First, Zito begins by writing about how Hillary Clinton can’t understand why she lost (which previews the answer to “will the Democrats forget about moderates again?”:

In the weeks, then months, and now years after losing the presidential election in 2016, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated in speeches and television interviews that she has no idea why she lost. She has blamed everything from racism to Russia, from the media to sexism, from the “deplorables” to stubborn, backward-looking nostalgia.

From: Will the Democrats Forget about Moderates in 2020

Then, Zito describes the radical policies the Democratic candidates are campaigning on:

You don’t have to look any further than the sound bites from this past week’s Democratic debate or the recent town halls. Confiscating guns, banning fracking, hiking taxes, providing free health care to illegal immigrants, and stamping out religious liberty were the promises Democrats made to compete for primary votes.

From: Will the Democrats Forget about Moderates in 2020

Finally, Zito points out what that means for the Democrats:

Democrats have lost the rural areas and are unchallenged in the urban areas, said Paul Sracic, political science professor at Youngstown State University. “Klobuchar and Buttigieg seem to understand that raising middle-class taxes to pay for health care will be a big issue for these voters,” he said of the suburban middle-class voters who could be available to a Democratic presidential nominee.

There’s a healthy amount of middle-class suburban voters who are looking for an alternative to their current options. It appears only two on that stage understood the lessons of 2016 and 2018: the senator from a Midwest state and the mayor of a Midwest city.

The rest seem to be repeating the mistakes of the former senator from New York.

From: Will the Democrats Forget about Moderates in 2020


I thought this article was spot on and perfectly answers the “will the Democrats forget about moderates in 2020” question? The answer is yes. In fact, they already have.

It’s obvious that America is politically divided. On college campuses, for example, political segregation is so bad that many conservative and liberal students actively avoid each other. When did that political segregation start? Relatively recently, when the Democrats started shunning moderates.

Another example is Chick fil a. Despite being a great restaurant, liberals attack and boycott it just because it supports traditional, Christianity-based charities. What a weird world we live in where a restaurant is attacked for giving to a homeless shelter.

The cause of those maladies plaguing America is the modern Democratic party. Full of socialist, Social Justice Warrior-types with a heavy dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome who want to censor everything, it’s tearing America apart. Our common creed is gone, as is our ability to have a reasonable, respectful political discussion.

Instead, we have virtue signaling from corporations and shouting matches in the public square. That is problematic, dangerous for democracy and unsustainable.

More importantly for the short-term, it shows that Democrats have already forgotten about moderate voters. Anyone who isn’t a socialist, hardcore feminist, SJW isn’t welcome in AOC’s Democratic Party. The radical thugs of Antifa, however, are.


So, will Democrats forget about moderates in 2020? Yes, they already have. The Democratic Party has changed and now actively shuns moderates. They must think the way to beat the booming Trump economy is with a clearly political impeachment process and reconstruction of every Democrat as one of the “squad.”

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. The Democrat shunning of moderates and the inclusion of radical ideologies is destroying America. Something needs to be done to stop its progression.

Hopefully, Trump’s reelection in 2020 will. If not, something more drastic might have to happen. I don’t know what that would be, but it probably won’t be good.

2020 Addendum: As shown by the facts that Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, is a radical, and that Kamala Harris, his VP pick, is not a moderate, it is obvious that the answer to “will the Democrats forget about moderates in 2020?” is “Absolutely yes!”

By: Gen Z Conservative

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