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“Will Break The Internet”: Could Trump Make An Appearance On Rogan’s Podcast, or Is it Just an Internet Rumor?

NOTE: This article has been edited as of 9/13/2022 to reflect that Trump has made claims regarding Hillary’s 2016 meddling and the 2020 election, but has not proven anything. The correction is included below.

This will be legendarily epic. Joe Rogan boasts of the world’s largest podcast, with nearly 11 million average listeners per episode. (Second place isn’t even close, with around 6 million.) Add to that the additional market of short clips on YouTube and significant mainstream buzz surrounding what he says and who he hosts (i.e. Drs. Robert Malone and Peter McCullough) and, simply put, Rogan’s influence is ginormous.

Well, what’s bigger than ginormous? Bigly? Yuge?

We are about to get bigly yuge in terms of episode listeners and impact on every cultural/political conversation in America if the following rumors are true. Take a look at some of the hopeful messages cropping up around Twitter.

Fans of both Rogan and Trump, who under the rise of fasicsm wrought by purposefully horrendous Covid policies have been brought closer and closer under the same umbrella, have been enthusiastically asking for this interview for some time. Rogan lets guests talk – and Trump can talk. Moreover, Rogan will approach any and every taboo subject, even prompting a discussion if a guest is unwilling to approach it first.

Just imagine Trump discussing his claims regarding everything from Clinton’s supposed meddling in the 2016 elections to what happened in 2020. And all of it can take as long as both he and Rogan want; it is not uncommon for episodes to last longer than three hours. Note: this is the corrected sentence that originally claimed the 2016 election was meddled in and 2020 election was stolen. It has been edited to reflect that Trump has made claims regarding that, but not proven it.)

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This will literally break the internet.

Joe Rogan has shown he is not averse to critics. He endured stupid hate for his commonsensical approach to dealing with Covid and unabashedly advertised his quick recovery from Covid was aided by the use of doctor-prescribed ivermectin. Relatedly, he came under fire for allowing prominent doctors and other subsequent guests to warn not just of the medical tyranny, but the underlying tyranny against freedom in general.

If Spotify was under pressure to censor Rogan before, how could they possibly survive allowing an uncut, unedited, and eye-opening interview with the supremely hated Donald Trump? YouTube just erased his appearance on NELK’s Canadian channel for simply wading into 2020 election waters. There is no way he stays ankle deep with Rogan. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other Big Tech giants all have fascistic community guidelines in place and it is impossible to imagine a scenario where Trump doesn’t “violate” all of them.

I hope this isn’t just a rumor. This has to happen. Twitter thought it was ridding the world of Donald Trump when it banned the then-sitting POTUS from its platform. Ditto for Facebook.

However, I will pump the breaks just a little, because the rumor might also have started from a parody Trump account:

But we can hope. If it happened, it’s a win-win for both Rogan and Trump, who will get this message out anyways and a lose-lose for Big Tech, which either have to allow its presence or look like the totalitarian tyrants they are.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative